Layers in winter and summer

February 22, 2017 by Maaike Janna De blauw

Layers in summer and winter Credits: Amy Nicole

The other day I went to a convenience store after work and got myself popsicles. Outside it was snowing and -2; literally freezing. The girl behind the counter looked at me like I was totally cocoloco, she asked me if I always get ice cream in winter. I told her that it’s not some kind of weird habit I have, but eating the popsicles makes my tonsils pretty much dissappear and since my tonsils decide to bully me like, monthly, these popsicles are the sweetest solution when it comes to this problem. Do you ever eat icecream in winter? Is it really that weird eating ice cream in winter? This question leads to the topic of this blog; Do you ever wear ‘winter’ fabrics in summer and ‘summer’ fabrics in winter? No? Well, you can! I will tell you how and why you should!

Obviously the fabrics leather, wool and fleece are pretty much unwearable during summer, and ditto with linen and silk in winter. However, denim, cotton, viscose, silk, and so on you can wear in all seasons. It’s just a matter of mixing the pieces with the right items. Just simply create layers over your outfit or under your outfit.

Layers in winter and summer fashion trends

Credits: Popsugar fashion

With layers over your outfit I am talking about moments when you really want to wear that cute pink silk blouse in winter but you know you will turn blue and start looking like the walking dead as soon you walk out the door. However if you wear your lovely silk blouse under a cotton sweater, a wool cardigan or any other warm item you can still rock the blouse and feel warm! (See pics in this blog of how).

With layers under your outfit I mean a thermo legging and shirt or a warm knit under your blouse, this way you can wear the blouse and still feel warm. Of course, do make sure you don’t see the layers underneath or on top of your clothes (unless you want to show these elements). Same goes for summer items, you can wear your shorts at night with a knit cardigan or sweater, just create layers and you will look dashing!

Layers in summer and winter fashion trends

Credits: Lates outfit ideas

While reading you might picture yourself doing this and see yourself looking like more of a christmas tree rather than someone who put effort into creating layers and looking fashionable. Golden rule in always looking fly; never do anything that you do not feel 100% comfortable in, cause it will show!

Also, last but not least, one of the major trends in 2017 will be; layers. Oversized, sporty (socks, caps, trainers and hoodie’s) faux fur and layers are the four major trends this year.

So next time you are about to buy a new item of clothing, (online or offline) golden rule nr. 2; always ask yourself do I really need this? Can and when will I wear this? With what kind of clothes that I already own will match with this? If you can answer these questions all with yes, congrats you just got yourself a successful new item. However, if you over-think or answer one of these questions with no; then that item may cause you more headache than happiness. There is no point owning it if it sits alone in the cupboard. As I already said, mixing, matching and creating layers with your current wardrobe is actually a fashion trend. You can wear more items (with different fabrics) than you realise! Add to your wardrobe in a successful, fashionable and green way!

Layers in Winter and summer fashion trends

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