Flemish Brabant’s Model Hotspots

August 24, 2015 by Laura van Londerzele

flemish brabant model hotspots

When I hear the word ‘hotspot’ I think about a trendy bar in a big city like Antwerp, Brussels, Louvain… and yes; these places receive a lot of attention, because these cities are well-known with tourists. But there are a lot of hidden places that nobody knows but also deserve a little interest! This blog is about my favorite hotspots in the province of Flemish Brabant

Sweet Vanilla

Sweet Vanilla is a coffee and ice-cream salon based in the municipality Londerzeel. I ADORE this hidden treasure, you can come here for a delicious breakfast or a healthy lunch. I’m not really a caffeine-head but the fans can enjoy different kinds of basic coffee for example a lungo, a sweet vanilla coffee, a café latte… But also alcoholic coffee for example an Irish coffee, a Baileys coffee,…And you can also drink the iced cappuccino’s. As I said, I’m not a big fan of coffee as I am with tea. They really got THE BEST TEA EVER, maybe because they don’t use tea in bags as you see a lot in bars and even restaurants. My number one tea is green tea (mint), you should drink it everyday because it’s so good for your body.

For the guilty-pleasure people they got homemade ice-cream, wafles, brownies, muffins, cookies and pancakes. But I have to admit, I never tasted one of these (I’m sure) very tasty things. My eyes always search the ‘healthy’ section no matter where I am. And Sweet Vanilla is the perfect spot for tasteful healty food. They got icecream made of yoghurt, it’s less sugar than real icecream, and fresh fruit. And if you want a quick boost you have to try the juices and smoothies, I drank one myself a few days ago, I guess it was a Raspberry smoothie (Raspberry, strawberry, orange ). They got also the exotic and boosty smoothies and the fresh orange juice.

The inside of Sweet Vanilla is like sitting in a big cozy kitchen surrounded with pastry and blackboards full of specials. When you walk in, you feel like home.

It’s a GO!


You want a night out but you don’t want to make it too big? Baradouz is the perfect spot. This loungebar is situated close to the highway A12, so it’s easy to reach. When I’m having a girlsnight out this is where you can find us. What makes this bar such a succes? Well probably the trendy interior which has a large head of a Zebra hanging on the wall who welcomes you when you walk trough the door. You can sit in the lounge or at the bar where the waiters makes delicious drinks, I never tasted one of these drinks (Cocktails, champagnes,…) because the only drink I order is water or tea…So I trust the opinion of my friends! If you don’t want to sit inside than they got a big terrace where you can chill. But what I love the most about this loungebar is that after midnight the music starts to play really loud and everybody starts to dance. So you don’t have to visit an expensive club because this bar gives you everything you need, ofcourse you can make it a pricy night at Baradouz if you order the bottles Champagne or Vodka. Another good thing about this bar is that you can’t come in with sloppy clothes, everybody who wants to get in has to be dressed-up.

Absolutly worth it.

Le Pain Quotidien

This place isn’t very unknown but I would lie if I said that this isn’t one of my favorite hotspots. Their are a lot of stores in Belgium so you don’t have to be in my area to find one. Le Pain Quotidien means ‘The Daily Bread’, when you walk in you can feel the traditional simplicity. This place got the best tartines ( made of handmade bread and organic and seasonal ingredients), a few years ago I usually took the tartine ‘Boeuf Basilic’, but now that I don’t eat bread anymore you’ll always see me with one of their amazing salades. You want a quick/extensive/cozy/delicious/healthy lunch? Le Pain Quotidien is the answer. Ofcourse you pay the price but if you have to choose between a Mc Donald or an amazing food orgasm around one of the communal tables than I made my choise.

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