Kim’s Diary: Photoshoots In Paris

November 19, 2014 by Kim-jaspers

Hi friends! How are you doing? I did? I’ll tell you all about my days in Paris in this blog. As some of you might know, I arrived in Paris last wednesday and since than I only had one free day to chill and see some thing of Paris. Jep, of course I went to the Eiffel Tower (I’ve been there already a thousand times but I still love to go there) I really wanted to climb to the top but unfortunately the weather was so bad and there were too many tourists.

It was fun to see all the people from the agency again and after a delicious lunch with my booker, we needed to make some new polaroids. It’s very important to keep updating your polaroids. (Polaroids are simple, natural pictures with no-make up) Because you’re face is changing a lot, especially when you’re young. Even though I’m almost 21 ha-ha, time flies! Oh and I went to the hairdresser, they wanted it to be shorter. No problem for me, I’m very happy with the results. It looks more healthy now in my opinion.

Kim Jaspers

Then something about my week, which was a very busy one. I went to Paris to work on my book/portfolio, which you show to clients when you’re doing castings. This book needs to be versatile with all kind of different pictures. My book wasn’t that versatile and some pictures were a little bit old so they decided to do some test shoots to make my book more versatile. I did three really cool shoots and I can’t wait for the results! I always like it the most when pictures are strong and tough, with black leather for example. What kind of pictures do you like the most? And of course, I also did some castings! I think it’s cool to go to the headquarters of big magazines or brands (Like ELLE, Vogue and Chanel) You get the chance to really see what’s going on inside.

Oh and my sunday, I LOVE sundays. Most of the time I’m free on sundays and being free in such a cool city as Paris is like a present to me. I did some sightseeing and went to the Champs-Élysées to do some shopping. (All shops are closed on sunday, except for the stores on the Champs-Élysées) You can find everything over there, it’s a little bit crowdy with a lot of tourist but Hey, I’m not complaining! There were (christmas) stands and lights everywhere, I can’t wait for christmas!!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Only one more thing what should not be forgotten in this post.. Food and drinks! Jep, I’m so lucky because there is a Pain Quotidien in my street with the most healthy and delicious food ever. (The coffee is also very very good) Although, I must admit coffee in London is better.
One day I had a very good breakfast over there, porridge with homemade strawberry jam and coffee. 
And the other day I had an amazing salad with avocado and shrimps for lunch. 

Porridge with homemade jam

Salad with shrimps

Okay guys, I’m writing this posts in the middle of a shoot so I think I gotta go now! I’ll definitely show you the results of the shoots soon. Speak to you soon and have a nice day. Kisses Kim

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