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May 5, 2016 by Kevin Triguero

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Many come here to study, to work, take a break from everyday life, collect energy and others for wasting all the energy to party through the night and day. Barcelona is truly a city that has much to offer and there is always something to do as long as you have the energy for it. My friends and I love to hang out and eat dinners out and therefore we are always looking for new places to test. So far we have tried various different places and some restaurants are fantastic, while others have been quite different to say the least. Below I have listed a number of Barcelona restaurants that you must visit when you’re there.

La Paradeta (for Fresh fish seafood) – Right now my favorite restaurant. I happened to find this place just one week ago when I was having dinner with a friend who was visiting. You can not book a table but have to get there and stand in line and within 30 minutes you’d be given a table. You can directly choose everything you want at the fish counter (there’s everything, and fresh) and then they cook them there immediately, and you get the fish and seafood in all different forms. You bring a bottle of wine to the table and then one is happy the rest of the evening. Expect an average of 20 euros / person, and then you have a lot of food on the table.

Cuidad Condal (tapas) – My favorite tapas restaurant. Again, you cannot book a table without going to the host and have them write down your name on the waiting list. If there’s large parties, things move very quickly, but if not, it may take up to 1 hour before getting a table. However, there is a large bar while you wait to have a chat with a glass of wine, beer or other something else in your hand. The best thing here is to ask the waiter to come up with mixed tapas which he / she recommends. Price wise, it comes at around 25-35 euros / person including drink.

Flax and Kale (Vegetarian or fish) – The best restaurant for us healthy souls) – One of the city’s best restaurants. I think many are intimidated by its focus but everything tastes absolutely fantastic and it is useful. There is something for everyone and I can highly recommend the brunch. Price wise, 20-30 euros / person for brunch.

 Nueve Reinas (Argentine meat) – Don’t really need to say more than that they specialize in beef from Argentina. Love to meat, it’s a restaurant worth visiting. Often fully booked so be sure to reserve a table in advance.Price wise a bit more expensive than the others, but in comparison with Sweden still cheap for what you get.

Wife Wife (burgers or salad) – Located near the beach and almost always busy. Really good burgers and fries. I tend to usually go there to eat their Caribbean salad which is amazingly good. Nice place to hang out too. Price wise around 10-15 euros / person including food and drink.

Carabela (tacos / burritos / salad / juice / drink in the sun) – Located in the Barceloneta neighbourhood at the harbor and the perfect location to sit and enjoy the sun rays. Really good hang with music and moreover magically good tacos, burritos and salads. Here you can also find the best juices, always freshly squeezed and with large variety, plus a really good place if you want to take a few drinks in the afternoon sun. Price wise, 10-15 euros / person including food and drink.

Matsuri (Sushi) – Surely somewhere in the top 3 best sushi restaurants. I think the chef is a sushi star =) or rumored about it anyway. There are some really cool combinations of flavors that work very well in the mouth. Price wise, 20-35 euros / person including drink.

La Luna (Mexican tapas) – Here you can eat really well, especially if you love cheese. Great tapas inspired by Mexican cuisine which tastes delicious. If you feel extra hungry, this is the perfect restaurant to visit. You’ll always feel satisfied and ready to lie down and rest. Price wise, 20-30 euros / person (if you’re eating like a giant).

El Xalet (fine dining restaurant) – In the evening when you want to make a great impress for someone very special. It’s on top of Montjuïc and offers an unbeatable panoramic view of Barcelona. It doesn’t get more romantic than this place with the restaurant’s beautiful furnishings and the feeling of luxury and love. One of the few places that offers high-quality service. Price wise: +50 euros / person with 2 meals and bottle of wine.

Gelato di marco  – Not a restaurant but the city’s best gelateria. Italian ice cream that has won numerous awards for its quality and taste. There are so many flavors to choose from and all of them taste WOW! price wise 3-7 euros / person.

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