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July 16, 2013 by Modellist-ID

Modellist-ID was honored to interview the owner of DManagement in Cape Town; Darja O ‘ Donnell

How did you start your business?

“I started Dmanagement in 2011 by myself with 1 model in my book :-). I had 25 years of experience under my belt, first as a model myself since I worked as a model during 20 years and secondly I had an experience as apart of of two other modeling agencies before….”

What do you think is necessary to become a good model?

“A good bone structure, height except of some exceptions we have seen over the years, being photogenic, having something unique about yourself may it be in looks or personallity.”

How many models does your agency represent?

“It depends on how many models are in town, but around 30-50 models. I also have some talents I represent for TV commercials as well but I am definitely a boutique agency.

Describe how the screening process of your models works?

“Talk, measuring, polaroids, callback if we are interested.”

How many people a week enter your office to ask if they are suitable to become a model?

“A lot of application are coming via email but approximately 5-7 a week.”

What makes DManagement special compared to other agencies?

“I would say the personal tight relationship I have with my models. I feel like a mother sometimes haha! I would say, there is a lot of love and care in our office thanks to an amazing team of passionate but non competitive bookers. We are all here to support each other and work as a team. I love going to work :-)”

How do you maintain contact between the clients and models?

“Phone, email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram. These days there is no end to it!”

Do you think the market has changed a lot considering the fact that you are already working in this business for quite some time now?

“Yes for sure. Careers are far more short lived and the industry is so overcrowded with models today.”

Do you immediately see if someone is suitable to become a model?

“Yes I do! Many years of training of my eyes!”

Have you ever rejected a model that later turned out to be extremely successful?

“No, not that I can remember.”

How would you advise boys and girls who would love to become a model to approach your agency?

“Please send us 3 natural polaroid type shots with your name, age, height and the city you live in. If you live in Cape Town we would ask you to pop in after this screening in order to meet me in person.”

What do you think about the concept of Modellist-ID?

“I love the concept and think the posts and info you give to other models are great informative and fun. We will send an invite to our model data so I hope they start joining it all very soon.”

For more information of DManagement go to their website and blog: and their blog:

Address: 66 Roeland Street,3rd floor, 8001 Cape Town


Telephone number: +27 21 466 8303

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