Interview With Model’s Booker Bruna Rizk

June 11, 2015 by Modellist-ID

Model Booker Bruna Rizk

Bruna Rizk

Nationality: Dutch

Profession:  Booker

Agencies: VDM Model Management

How did you start in the modeling business?

I always wanted to work in the fashion industry, so one day I decided to send in my resume to VDM. I initially got hired as an intern but it quickly ended up in becoming a full-time job!

What’s a typical day like for a booker?

A typical day as a booker consists of maintaining contact with our models, making a lot of phone calls and sending out loads of e-mails. We make sure that our models get booked, go for castings/go-sees, arrange flights and accommodation etc.

How do you renew talent in such a fast-paced and competitive industry?

The whole VDM team preps and grooms every single model that we have. We always wait until the right moment before we launch them in to the world. It’s always refreshing for everyone to see a new face pop up out of nowhere.

Is there a special formula to find the right model for a specific campaign?

That’s hard to say, the industry is continuously changing and so does the formula.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about your work.

We are the second family of our models.

What are the changes you have seen in the industry throughout your career and what has changed?

Instagram is very influential!

Do a lot of new faces come to you via social media?

Social Media is one of the most important scouting sources, we find a lot of new faces on there but they also often approach us.

What would be your definition of beauty?

My definition of beauty would be unconventional facial features. I love freckles, gap between the teeth etc. Anything quirky is beautiful to me.

Any advice to give to aspiring models?

Personality is a game changer.

What are the rewarding aspects of your job?

I get so excited when our models get booked. Whether it’s a small or big job, it all just gives me a massive adrenaline rush. Happiness is the reward.

What’s next for Bruna?

A big bright future at VDM Model Management!


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