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December 9, 2015 by Chloe Haldane

leanne makeup artist

From bridal to editorial, makeup artist, Leanne Holowach, believes the “getting ready” experience should be one more celebration, find out how she got into the business and her advice to aspiring makeup artists in this exclusive interview!

Why did you choose this profession?

I chose this profession because I have always been interested in the beauty and bridal world. I find that some people are born with that “creativity spark” and from a very young age i was very good at drawing and my personality would always gravitate towards the artistic aspects of everyday life. I started to really find my niche with-in that creativity field, which was makeup and my possibilities became endless. The beauty of working with Make-up is, it’s constantly changing with trends, the industry is forever being updated with new products and it keeps things exciting. I could keep my creative skills and techniques fresh with the on-going changes of makeup. I started getting into weddings when I needed a makeup artist for my wedding. We got married about 1.5 hours away from the closest town on top of a ski hill in the middle of summer. I called around for a makeup artist and hair stylist for my bridal party to find out they didn’t travel that far and if they did their travel fee was seriously outrageous. Being from a major destination wedding hot spot I knew there was an untapped niche waiting to be blossomed and that’s when my new journey of bridal parties meets glam squad came to fruition. Doing over 50 weddings with 3 different teams in a 6 month period is so rewarding and knowing you are a big part of making a bride feel beautiful on her wedding day is the most rewarding feeling an artist can ask for.

Did you have any formal makeup training?

I do not have any formal training. I was OBSESSED with you tube tutorials, following a tone of beauty blogs and practicing on my sisters. Growing up as a triplet allowed for alot of practicing and real life models. If you do something enough and you practice constantly you will eventually become an expert at that field. Study the industry, subscribe to your favorite artists sites,  showcase your work and you can become your own beauty insider.

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What is the most challenging obstacle you’ve had to overcome?

Being a makeup artist you have to have confidence. You have to go in knowing you are good at what you do and you have the skills do be able to make a person look and feel beautiful. I used to have zero confidence and would second guess myself finishing a face wondering if they really liked it. I think as an artist you know if you are good or not. I started to gain confidence with the busier i got knowing that what i was doing was in fact good and my clients really liked what I did and how I made them feel.

If you could tell every woman in the world to only buy one beauty product, what product would it be and why?

I am obsessed with the Kat Von D line of products. It is hard for me to choose just one. The pigments in the color pallets are the best I have used ( and ive used ALOT ). If I was to choose 1 product however, it would defiantly have to be the Kat Von D Tattoo liner. That stuff is the cats meoowww. You can put it on Friday night and wake up with the same sharp amazing line you went out in and you can wear it for the rest of the day with no smudging – for real though.

Where do you find your inspiration for your makeup looks?

It really depends what the look is for. Is it bridal, editorial, is there a theme? If i know we are going out on a specific shoot I will talk to the photographer, the curator of that shoot or the bride and get specific requests for the makeup. Getting inspiration can come from anywhere. Being a makeup artist is being creative, creating your own inspiration for what your model should look like. Getting to know your model or client, what they like / don’t like, their skin tones, etc. The environment you are in is the real inspiration or any look. I will admit though, I am a lover of cruising the interweb. I will be on pinterest for hours checking out beauty looks, visiting some of my favorite makeup and bridal bloggers along following some of my favorite artists. If I see something I like I will want to take that look and put my . Doing this allows me to grow as an artist and keeps me hungry for the next best thing.

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How do you prepare oily skin for foundation application?

When it comes to applying makeup, finding a routine that works best for oily skin can be a challenge. It is necessary to prepare the skin by cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Some ingredients, especially those that are oil-based, can increase a persons skin’s oil levels. Applying makeup to skin that is not properly cleansed can result in an unattractive oily glow that causes your cosmetics to smudge or fade. Because of the challenges of keeping oily skin looking its best, it is important to closely follow simple steps when learning how to prepare oily skin for makeup. 1.Wash your face with a gentle cleanser. 2. blot away access water.  3. Use a toner. 4. even oily skin needs a moisturizer – buy an oil-free moisturizer or one specifically designed for oily skin. 5. If you are going to apply foundation, you may want to use a makeup primer after you’ve finished prepping your skin. 6. If your oily skin is properly prepared before applying makeup, you may need less makeup and will get a more natural look this way. Consider using lighter formulas or tinted moisturizers. apply a powder at the end to really set the makeup. 7. Use a matte finishing mist.This can give you extra hydration and absorb oil as well as helping makeup meld on your face more effectively.

What hair and makeup looks are currently trending for brides?

The trends go with the seasons. This Summer for brides it was Braids along with hair extensions to create long loose curls that are romantic and timeless. Floral crowns were also in, the boho wedding for summer was super trendy and it made for some amazing pictures and really topped off the look.  For makeup it was alot of contouring and and soft peachy cheeks and a nice nude lip. Pops of gold and brown hues for eyes with a nice shimmer for highlights topping off the skin with a bronzing powder to create that sun kissed skin.

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What is your advice to aspiring makeup artists?

Some people go into this industry thinking that if they spend thousands of dollars on top school beauty schools they will come out being an amazing makeup artist. That is the key word “artist”. Either you have it or you don’t. I cant tell you the amount of times I have done interviews with women applying for an makeup artist position with top beauty school training and still not being a good artist. If you don’t really like art, if you cant draw to save your life, If your passion isn’t color pallets and all things pretty chances are you are not going to be the best makeup artist either. Before you go shelling out thousands of dollars on what appears to be a glamours career make sure it is something you know you are not only good at but passionate about.

Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?  

I hope to still be as passionate about weddings and being an makeup artist as I am today. There is really nothing better then having a client look in the mirror for the first time and having them shed a tear at how beautiful they look, I can honestly say there is no better feeling and to have that feeling for another 5 years would be a blessing.

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