Interview With Makeup Artist Kathy Aragon

March 10, 2015 by Modellist-ID

Name: Kathy Aragon

Nationality: Filipina/Caucasian        

Milestones: Sr. Artist for CNN DC/ Educator for the Makeup Show/ becoming a pioneer makeup artist with LimeLight by Alcone and heading up their Social Media

Current Location: Washington DC

What are the 5 most important items in your beauty case?

Medium dome makeup brush, full coverage foundation that can be sheered out, highlighter, cheek/lip stain, mascara.

Which item did you purchase recently?

The entire LimeLight by Alcone kit (compilation of professional makeup from different professional lines)

What’s your favorite bargain makeup buy?

L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara in the darkest black/ waterproof.

How can you pull off the perfect smokey eye? 

For a smoky eye I always start off with the eyeliner in the waterline, blend it into the bottom lashes, and at the top as well. I have the talent squeeze their eyes shut to really get the black liner into the areas between the lashes. I then get a brown shadow with some sheen (or plum or other color) to put over the lid, a deeper version of the same color in the outer “v” of the eye (contour) then the darkest color just at the outer corner of that “v”. I use a clean brush to blend it all together and then finish the outside of the smokey eye with a burgundy matte shadow. The burgundy helps the smoky eye have a gradual drop-off instead of just dark smokey with an abrupt change to natural skintone. I make sure to go over the lashline again with a deep black liner (this time gel liner) and a small brush and smudge it out a bit. I reapply liner in the waterline. Deep, sultry, but well blended eyes.

Working with fashion model Audrey Chihocky

Which products do you use to achieve a smooth glowing skin?

Definitely my LimeLight by Alcone foundation (covers a multitude of problems with very little!) and I love LimeLight’s #6 blush as well. I also like Hourglass’s Ambient Light powders in Dim and Luminous Light. To get that dewey sheen without making the skin look to oily I LOVE “Must Dew” dry face oil by LimeLight by Alcone.

The tricks behind nailing liquid eyeliner are?

Start with a fine slim brush and get the liner right towards the inner corner. Drag liner across the bed of the lashes. That will help get the liner right to the lashes without any skips. Stop when you reach the end of lashes. Now, for a winged liner look, use a thin angle brush and look straight ahead in a mirror. Mark a guideline as to where you would like your liner to show when your eye is open. Now connect the very tip of the guideline you drew to the middle of the eye in a downward slope. You will have a little gap between your natural lash liner and the newly drawn dip from the angle. Now fill in the gap with liner. Doing it this way takes the guessing game out of where your “liner flick” will show up when you open your eyes.

What do you think is the biggest makeup trend this year?

I think the biggest trend is highlighting and contouring, but I can’t say I necessarily agree with it being a trend. I continue to keep my looks soft and the only contouring I do is usually with a large fluffy brush and powder and I mostly concentrate on highlighting vs contouring.

Perfect red lips

How can you best fake a fuller brow?

Use a combination of shadow as well as a very thin brown pencil. Use the brow pencil to draw in brow strokes to mimic drawing in hairs where the brow is sparse. If you are really making a brow fuller where there is no hair you will also need to add an ash brow powder to the area. The brown ash color mimics a shadow from the hair, while the thin pencil makes it look like actual hair. This will trick the eye into believing the brow is actually fuller than it is.

Do you have any ‘go-to’ signature looks that work every time?

Yes! Luminous skin, as little dry texture as possible, stained cheeks and or lips, full brows, classic winged liner. I always add a pop of color somewhere, weather it be cheeks or lips, or eyes, but not usually all at once.

What are your best beauty tips?

Keep it soft. Work on spot correcting pigmentation, accentuating your natural look with slight highlighting at the highest points of the face, stain your natural lips, use mascara on both the top and the bottom of the lashes to make them really voluminized, and embrace your natural beauty!

Check out this behind the scenes video of me doing makeup:

Find out more about Kathy here:

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