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May 21, 2015 by Modellist-ID

Modellist-ID had the honor to interview the founder of One Managementone of the most prestigious modeling agencies in the world. Read what Scott Lipps has to say about the industry….

1. How did you start your business?

Started in 2001 with a buddy Steve Dellar who now has OUI in Paris, felt there was need for a more management type of agency in NY managing bigger models and brands and we had some big models at the time..

ONE MANAGEMENT founder Scott Lipps

2. What do you think is necessary to become a good model?

Its all in the personality and drive, those 2 elements along with the obvious are very important.

3. How many models does your agency represent?

We probably have about 30 or so in town (by choice) and have around 80-100 on main board.

ONE MANAGEMENT founder Scott Lipps

4. Describe how the screening process of your models works.

We like to decided as a team, so if someone likes a model we show the board and discuss.

5. How many people a week enter your office to ask if they are suitable to become a model?

We don’t do open calls but we proabably see at least 10-15 models weekly.

6. What makes ONE MANAGEMENT special compared to other agencies?

We rep a lot of household names and we know how to take someone who is a big model and expand their brand…we have one of the strongest teams in the business and we know how to help a model work for years as opposed to repping hundreds of models and if some don’t work after a bit we move on…

ONE MANAGEMENT founder Scott Lipps

7. How do you maintain contact between the clients and models?

All of our team speaks to all of the models and we have a great connection with them as its more personalized management.

8. Do you think the market has changed a lot considering the fact that you are already working in this business for quite some time now?

I think its over saturated so the girls with the most drive and determination, personality and business savy will rise to the top.

9. Do you immediately see if someone is suitable to become a model?

I think after doing this for years I have a good idea yes but that being said no one is right 100% of the time.

ONE MANAGEMENT founder Scott Lipps

10. Have you ever rejected a model that later turned out to be extremely successful?

Of course every agency in NY has done this…Cant be right 100% of the time.

11. How would you advise boys and girls who would love to become a model to approach your agency?

The best way is to go via a reputable mother agency we have a relationship or send us your pics if you have experience already!

12. What do you think about the concept of Modellist-ID? Do you think it is of great value to the models and would you advise your models to become a member?

Of course! I think the Modellist-ID team is on to something big here!

One Management Scott Lips

Visit their website and check out Scott Lipps blog Poplipps.

One Management

Address: 42 Bond Street 2nd Floor, New York N.Y. 10012

Telephone number: (212) 505-5545

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