Interview With Fashion Model Taylor Conzelman

May 11, 2015 by Modellist-ID

Taylor Conzelman Fashion Model Interview

Taylor Conzelman

Nationality: American, from Birmingham, Alabama

Profession: Model and co-owner of Backbite, a vintage clothing store I started with two of my best friends

Agencies: Models Direct Management (Mother agent), Kismet Management (LA), 20 Management Models (Cape Town)

Milestones: Still waiting on my dream job, which would be a fragrance or beauty campaign, but I’ve shot a campaign for Foreign Exchange, 5 campaigns for Alisse Thatcher and a few denim campaigns. Most recently I shot an amazing campaign for Shop Harvey’s, and did my first film job acting in the new Jonah Hill movie.

Current location: Los Angeles, CA

How were you discovered?

Basically I was approached a few times about modeling and didn’t take it seriously… I wanted to graduate college. Once I did, I sort of had this moment of considering it and ultimately I figured out, “Wait.. this is actually something I really want to do.” And I haven’t looked back!

What does your career do for you?

I love being able to adapt to whatever the client has presented me with in terms of creative direction. Being a character, in a sense. Then of course, meeting so many amazing people from around the world. And I love getting my makeup done; it’s often my favorite part of the shoot!

Taylor Conzelman Fashion Model Interview

Tell us a bit about your most memorable shoot? 

All of the shoots and commercials I did in South Africa, while I was in Cape Town were amazing. The locations there were jaw-dropping; it really is the most beautiful place in the world. Memorable bad? I once had back to back lookbook shoots two days in a row, that both involved having elaborate and very painful wigs and hair pieces attached to my hair. Needless to say, by the end of day two, all I wanted to do was stick my head in a bathtub because my scalp was aching beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. But anything for the shot!

How would you define your personal style?

I co-own a vintage clothing store and we sell lots of old Harley Davidson and band shirts, so those are huge staples for me. My ideal outfit is either a cool t-shirt and a ripped up pair of skinny jeans, or maybe a minidress with some nice ankle boots and a big, bohemian type of bag, because I have to carry around a lot of stuff.

And what are some of the heroes of your wardrobe?

All of my Isabel Marant shoes, and my Chloe studded boots… I am most definitely a shoe girl.

Could you give us your best beauty and exercise tip(s)?

For my skin I’m super super lucky, but I’ve realized that investing in a great skincare cream is essential. I moisturize constantly. I also love a good body scrub, there is a great one from Lush. For exercise, I make sure to work out at least 5 times per week. I take classes at my gym, such as barre and ballet body. I am addicted to reformer pilates and bikram yoga as well. And in Cape Town, I was working out at a gym called Switch… you have to go there if you are in South Africa, it’s the most amazing workout I’ve ever done! If I’m not in a class, I’m hiking or working out with the Nike training app and always try to do something for my core, because that’s my weak area.

And what is the one beauty product you can’t live without?

La Mer cream is amazing and worth shelling out for. And I love the Bioderma BB cream and cleansing water as well.

Taylor Conzelman Fashion Model Interview

Could you give us a 1-day food diary? What do you eat on a regular day?

Breakfast can vary from a green smoothie to a raw, organic protein bar, to eggs with veggies. I drink at least 2 espresso shots with hemp milk per day. For lunch I will have a soup/salad, or veggies and an organic chicken sausage And for dinner, I love anything from sushi to Korean BBQ. My diet is mainly paleo, but I do cheat. I also make my own health tonics with chai, maca powder, cacao, shilajit and a bit of hemp milk, which is so restorative.

What are your favorite hang out spots in the city you live in (current location)?

Sage vegan restaurant is amazing, you must go eat there if you are in Los Angeles. I love shopping at thrift stores and the Melrose trading post, and at night I love getting a drink somewhere in my neighborhood of Echo Park.

What is your favorite city and where do you like to hang out there?

I love Phoenix, AZ for vintage shopping… it really is the mecca of amazing vintage treasures. And Cape Town! I can’t wait to go back and grab a meal at Wellness Warehouse.

Taylor Conzelman Fashion Model Interview

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling?

The moment I realized that one person’s opinion doesn’t mean much was a crucial one, and it’s been life changing! Not everyone is going to love you, or your look, and that’s ok. If you love yourself, you will attract those who matter, and you will be able to attract people who are vibrating at a similar frequency to you.

What do you think MODELLIST-ID can do for the model community?

It can help models connect to one another, when it can be so confusing to meet people when you’re in a brand new city! And I love reading about other models and learning their health tips and tricks, where they like to go in a city I might be traveling to, etc!

Any nice plans for the future?

Taking a nice trip to Europe with my family this summer!

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