Interview With Fashion Model Camille Ringoir

April 30, 2014 by Modellist-ID

Camille Ringoir Fashion Model Interview

Camille Ringoir

Nationality: Belgian

Profession: Fashion Model

Agencies: Models Office (Brussels), MC2 (New York), Okay models (Hamburg)

Milestones: ELLE magazine, and that I got invited at the Victoria’s Secret office in New York

Current location: Belgium

How did you start modeling?

I was scouted at the age of 13 at the seaside. It was a scout who actually did the male division but she was so happy to have found me that she couldn’t let me go! She once told the Belgian news paper that I was her best discovery! It made me so proud! 

What does your career do for you?

I faced every insecurity a young girl can face. Being skinny, tall, smart and shy in school doesn’t make you popular. I never would have guessed that my appearance would get me from New York to Sydney. Meeting the world’s most beautiful women, I can remember myself sitting at a casting and just staring at all the girls because they were just so pretty my eyes couldn’t believe it, and seeing we all had the same insecurities made me realize that it’s not just about the looks. Standing next to them really gave me the right portion of self-confidence.  Realizing at a very young age that being a model takes so much more than just beauty and legs was really an advantage. I can say that my career made me the woman I am today.

What’s your most memorable shoot?

The ELLE-shooting. It was my first big job! It was shot in Melbourne (Australia) and it was so beautiful there! I also had my own van, which I liked very much because it was the first time I experienced the glamorous side of modeling. I also ended up on the cover so I was really happy about it!


What do you think MODELLIST-ID can do for the model community?

I wish it was there when I just started modeling! MODELLIST-ID is really the best idea ever! I’m a real Belgian, I like to be close to my friends and family. When I was younger and traveling a lot I got homesick all the time, meeting other models would have helped me a lot. Also if you have some important questions about agencies, accountancy, … it’s a really safe community where you got the correct answer to all of your questions.

Who do you admire and would you like to meet?

I really admire Audrey Hepburn. I really think she’s the most elegant, beautiful and most intriguing woman of all times. She was a great actress and devoted much of her life to UNICEF. I also wouldn’t mind to go shopping with Jackie O (too late for that I’m afraid) or to drink a coffee with Oprah Winfrey.

What’s your favorite book/film/music?

I really like the sound of music (nobody is perfect haha)! Pure nostalgia! Maybe my crush on Captain Von Trapp has something to do with it.
Music: I like Frank Sinatra, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, … Old but gold!

What’s your beauty regime?

I’m really a beauty addict! I use an eye-cream, serum, day cream and also a night cream.
For cleansing my face I use Kiehl’s facial cleanser in combination with the Clarasonic Mia 2 (best product ever, mark my words). And I use also the Bioderma Solution Micellaire H2O Sensibio, it’s the model secret for keeping our skin healthy! Also drinking lots a water, getting enough of sleep and being happy are in my beauty regime!

And what is the one beauty product you can’t live without?

It’s so cliché but I’m very sure it’s the 8 hour cream by Elizabeth Arden.

What is your favorite city and where do you like to hang out there?

Sure I can talk about all my favorite spots in New York, Paris, Sydney, London, … I really like those cities a lot but if I’m very honest about what my favorite city is than it will be a small seaside town in Belgium called Knokke. It’s my safe haven. It feels like coming home. It’s also the place where my career started. I used to be there a lot. Now when I come back from a long trip I always plan a weekend there so it feels like a little vacation in my own country. When I go out for breakfast it will be at “Le Pain Quotidien”, when I stay in for breakfast I go get everything at bakery “Lucas” the best in town!  If I don’t make breakfast (because I was going out the night before, The Pharmacy -best cocktails ever- and Kitsch club -if you want to see my best dance moves ever- are the place to be) then it’s a family brunch (my auntie is living there). There are also lots of good restaurants (thinking about Le Boudin Sauvage and Bar a Manger) but my family bbq’s are always my favorite! You can also go to the beach where there are also lots of fun bars! So Knokke is family and fun all in one!

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling? 

Make sure you never invest money in your own career, get a good agency and they will do that for you. Also be true to yourself and enjoy every minute of it! Maybe also a little trick, in the beginning you will do lots of castings, it’s not the most fun thing to do but make sure you show lot’s of energy and make sure that they remember you! I always make a little joke for example. And don’t take things personally if you don’t get the job! Some people like short hair, other ones long hair, some people like boobs, others don’t, … Just accept yourself the way you are and never let someone bring you down!

What are your plans for the future?

I really would like to pursue my career in media. A make-up artist once told me “You should become a TV-host, you’re the most beautiful, talkative and funny person I’ve met the last couple of months”. I thought it was a big compliment and I started thinking about it! When I was little I always dreamed of being an actress. So we’ll see what the future will bring!

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