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December 8, 2016 by Modellist-ID

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What does it take to nail your modeling agency interview? This and more in our exclusive interview with the director of Weareone Management Marco Longato

How many years have you been working in the industry and how did you start out?
I’m in the business since the year 2004. Before my graduation in “Public Relations” I applied for an internship at a modeling agency in Milan. It was a brand new world for me and it was love at first sight!

What type of personality must a model have? Do you consider this when looking at a new model?
I deeply believe that nowadays having an own, unique and strong personality really makes the difference! In a model I want to see the passion, the soul, the confidence, the hunger, the wish to grow, to learn and to achieve success, I want to see a big smile and a funny character…together with a little bit of “madness”! That’s why when I meet a model for the very first time I focus more on the person than on the looks as the looks you can change and make it perfect, but the personality… or you have it or you don’t have it and the beauty itself without personality for me, doesn’t bring far away.

Do you immediately see if someone is suitable to become a model?
Usually yes, it’s a matter of seconds or minutes, sometimes I just follow my heart and I decide to go ahead and take the risk. But as I previously wrote, the beauty is not the main thing; of course I measure them and I take some polaroid’s but the way they step into my office, how they shake my hand, their confidence, their attitude and their smile are the main things that lead me to go for a yes or for a no.

What do you recommend models to wear when they meet you for the first time?
Bikini, high heels and soul, that’s all! I need to see their style, that’s why for a first meeting I always give them total freedom.

How do you decide whether a young candidate has potential?
Well, I need to be impressed! Above I wrote about the personality, which is the most important thing, but the overall look must have something special too. It can be a classical beauty which never goes out of style or a trend beauty which maybe won’t last for ages but in her look…something must be special!

Everyone can see the beauty of a diamond but my job is to see the diamond when it’s still raw and make it shining; that’s what I try and what I love to do!

Does the presence and influence of a model on social media networks have a significant effect on the success of a campaign?
Absolutely yes! A model, which is a social influencer doesn’t only have a significant effect on the success of a campaign but also has, compared to other models, much more chances to get booked for many other jobs.

Describe how the screening process of your models works.
The first meeting is usually just a conversation. I want to know the model’s story, something about her lifestyle and her expectations about modelling and later I have a quick look at the body and the measurements. Than I explain the way I can work for her and the goals I believe she can achieve.

If the model is ready to work and be promoted, we immediately go ahead to the next step, if not I give her some tips and all the time she needs to reach the best conditions. Once the model is ready to start, together with her and her family if she’s underage, we plan further steps to get the best development, jobs and placement.
Marco Longato Weareone Management InterviewWhat makes Weareone Management special compared to other agencies?
I don’t like to compare Weareone to other agencies, we work in our way in order to get the best for all the parties involved…models, parents, clients and agencies. Sadly I see that too many agencies work only for an economical result and their rush to achieve it burns many models which are promoted without logic and sent abroad while they should be at school or when they are not ready at all for travelling alone and without at least the basic knowledge of the business.

That’s why we work without rush and we don’t see a model only as a moneymaker; We care about the person behind the model, a person with their own life, personality, wishes, dreams, thoughts and fears.

Furthermore we are always behind a model, caring about any aspect of their life, always being ready to help and support her, especially when she’s abroad I believe it’s our biggest plus.

How do you maintain contact between the clients and models?
I always try to get real contact both with my clients, my models and their parents. Unfortunately nowadays it’s hard to meet anyone in person or have a daily contact if not by phone or emails, but whenever I can I always go and meet them in person.

I deeply believe that meeting a client at least for a quick “Hi!” always pays back and it’s appreciated in this world where everything is so virtual and too many times it’s fake!

What would you say are the current model trends and trends going forward?
Well, today’s trend I think it’s so particular and now more than ever it’s totally up to the main casting directors and the leading agencies worldwide but definitely being “ugly” seems to be a plus nowadays. But while all the trends are temporary the classical beauties are timeless and those ones will surely have a longer career than a trend model.

What advice would you give a model that’s just started working in the industry?
– Be yourself!
– Always be positive, passionate, professional and committed to your job!
– Never give up!
– Let them talk!

What do you think about the concept of Modellist-ID? Do you think it is of great value to the models and would you advise your models to become a member?
I do think it’s a cool, positive and helpful concept. Has been a pleasure being interviewed by Modellist-ID and I’ll share and propose the membership to my models!

Have a great day and follow me:

Marco Longato

Stay connected: Weareone Management is based in Budapest but will soon open its doors in Amsterdam too!

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