Interview with fashion model Olivia Arben

September 11, 2017 by Modellist-ID

Olivia Arben model interview

Gorgeous Olivia Arben is a British model. She tells us about her interesting life, her big dreams and some fun facts about herself.

Nationality: British

Agencies: Wilhelmina

Current location: London

Tell us about your career as a model. How did you get started?
I’d done various small modeling jobs since I was 15 while still at school, but was actually scouted on Instagram by my first agency.

When did you first sign with an agency and what was that like?
I signed with my first mother agent when I was 18 and had finished school. I loved it! I knew it was what I had always wanted to do.

What is one of your favorite photographs from your career so far? Who shot it?
Probably when I shot some simple black and whites at the Rankin Studios, because I’d always wanted to shoot there.

What is your best model experience ever?
My best model experience is definitely when I shot the NFL, EU Clothing Campaign for the Super Bowl! I can’t pretend I watched the whole game… but all my guy mates were messaging me saying they could see my face in the shop at the Super Bowl and it was featured on the side of the shop in Times Square so that was a pretty cool moment for me.

Olivia Arben model interview

What are the main challenges in modeling today?
I think social media and setting yourself up as a ‘brand’ essentially is pretty challenging, especially when followers and press count for so much nowadays. You can’t really afford not to bother with social media as it’s such a powerful tool, and then it can be difficult to make sure your page is more ‘model” than “blogger” when you’re trying to create engagement!

What do you enjoy most about your profession?
For sure the people. I love to be social and I feel so lucky to meet so many talented, interesting and inspiring people that teach me so much. I also love the events and travel that come with the job – I went to the Cannes film festival this year and it was mind blowing, one of the best experiences of my life, the AMFAR Gala is stunning.

How would you describe a model life?
There are thrills and disappointments for sure but, hopefully, the positive will always outweigh the negative. For me, the model life is a passion and if you do it with passion it’s always worthwhile.

Do you think models are able to find long lasting friendships within the industry today?
Yes! I have made so many close friends in this industry, from models to photographers to designers and we get each other completely! Before I started to model I had always heard it was a lonely job, with fake friends and bitchiness – but I’ve personally never found it to be like that. But maybe I’m just lucky..!

Olivia Arben Model interview

What is your big model dream?
I‘m working a lot in Dubai at the moment so at this precise moment my big model dream would be to have a Middle Eastern cover and then in time to have more international covers.

What is your favorite thing to do when not working?
At the moment, watching Game of Thrones !

Take us through a typical day in the life of Olivia.
My day doesn’t start without a cup of tea and a little bit of chocolate,  (I blame it on the blood sugar levels!,) and I cuddle my three very needy Persian cats. Then it’s off to whatever work has in store that day – currently, I’m usually between Manchester, London, and Dubai. I’m also lucky enough to be invited to a lot of fashion and lifestyle events in the evenings which I always really enjoy.

How do you keep your body in good shape?
I do Pilates and Barre Core work outs.

Olivia Arben

What’s your favorite place in the world?
Naples, Florida because my grandma used to live there and I have the best childhood memories of sandy beaches and palm trees and lovely little boutiques.

Give us 5 fun facts people might not know about you yet.
Ok, they are pretty random – I  keep pet Moon jellyfish and they are so beautiful and so relaxing to watch – I have 3 at the moment called Chuck, Blair and Serena, (I was a gossip girl addict back in the day!). I’ve seen all of the Harry Potter’s more times than I’d like to admit..I never learned to ride a bicycle, I drink at least 4 cups of tea a day and I am a Lady of the Sovereign State of Sealand!

What do you think MODELLIST-ID can do for the model community?
I think it’s great for the model community to learn about each other and our individual experiences within this crazy industry. It keeps us on top of new trends and tips in all things fashion and beauty (and food!).

Do you have any model friends you would like to see presented on Modellist-ID?
Absolutely ! My best friend from school – CoCo Knight ( Select Models)

Olivia Arben

Where can we follow you?
Instagram is my only social media account – @oliviaarbenx

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