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May 29, 2013 by Modellist-ID


How do you get your body in shape?

‘I consider myself blessed because I don’t put a lot of effort into it. I do boot camp, but it isn’t the kind of club that most people join now, This one is really hardcore, with mostly men. You can join as a woman, but I think most women think it’s too heavy. Two policemen are the trainers. My focus is mainly on my core, legs and bottom. With the workout for your legs, you burn most of the fat, because those are the longest muscles you have. Because I traveled so much, I’ve worked with a lot of different trainers including the one of Arnold Schwarzenegger for the movie “The Terminator”! I met him in Hong Kong and he taught me a great exercise for my bottom. You put your feet on a ball and your bottom on the ground, while you bend your knees. Then you have to lift your hips.  This exercise and others I’ve learned, I use for my own workout; this I do next to the boot camp.  I do boot camp two times a week and one time a 45 minute quick workout. But right now, I’m 6 months pregnant! I still exercise, but I’m careful not to overdo it or put the baby in any danger.’

What is indispensable for you when you travel?

‘My I pad, my phone and I always take pictures from my fiancée Michael, friends and family with me. I make a collage every three months from photographs that were made during that period. That’s why I – obviously – never forget my camera. Music is important to me too, I have to bring some Dutch music, but that’s easy now considering the possibilities that for example Spotify brings. If I were to forget any of my beauty products, I would order them online, because I’m attached to my brands.’  

What is going to be your favorite item of this summer?

‘I discovered a great bikini brand from the UK, Heidi Klein. I bought a beautiful swimsuit with a blue fuchsia snake print, a low cut out back and a silver buckle on the shoulder. But I also love my Victoria Secret bikini’s, I even wear them now that I’m pregnant.’

What is the best beach club you have been to?

‘That would be on Ibiza, Las Salinas or the Jockey Club. I liked Ku De Ta and Cocoon Beach in Bali as well. As for holidays, I like to rent a nice house with my fiancée and friends or go to a good hotel. So when I’ don’t feel like leaving the property, I don’t have to. My ideal holiday is a combination of going to a beach club every once in while and a lot of resting and sporty activities in the sun. I don’t need to go to the newest clubs in order to have a good time.’

Which journey you would never forget?

‘The one journey when I visited the island Eleuthera (a small island in the Bahamas). We visited it because a friend of my fiancé owns a part of the beach and two houses called La Bougainvillea and the Seven Palms. It’s a pure and untouched island and ideal to take a break from the busy life in Miami.’ (I spent a bit of time in Miami)

Which spot would you recommend for everybody to see?

‘ That would be Hong Kong, but not just the city itself. I lived there for three years and found out that there is an area where you can find beautiful nature between Hong Kong and the coast of China. Take a taxi, it will cost about twenty euros. Obviously you will need a boat to get there but when you do you’ll be treated to waterfalls and the view of little islands.’

What’s your summer tune?

‘ I like chill out music when I’m relaxing like Delilah – Breathe, Feeder – Children of the Sun or M83 – Midnight City and a bit more upbeat artists like Rita Ora – RIP with Tinie Tempah when dancing with friends. And for those wild times artists like Modestep and Nero are on my playlist.’ 

Could you tell us a typical ‘model in summertime’ story?

‘It is true that being a model you get invited to a lot of amazing parties, but mostly by strange men. I’m not that kind of girl who accepts those invitations just like that. I only go when I know the people who are inviting me, not some random person. During the Cannes Film Festival I was invited to a celebration on a yacht by my girlfriend who’s father is close to Paul Allen, I really wanted to meet him! So, I went. A small boat took us to Paul’s mega yacht and when we got there, it turned out to be a huge A-star party! We were standing next to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. 

What are your plans for summer 2012?

‘We are expecting the baby to be born in September, so I will be very busy making arrangements for him (it’s a boy!) But first, in May, my fiancé and I will be relaxing in a rented villa in Crete, that’s nice as we appreciate our privacy and if I’m don’t feel like going out , I can just stay in. We’ve invited some of our dear friends and we will see who’ can make it. In June we are going to Monaco and Roquebrune in the South of France.  One of our friends owns a house there and the best part is that is only about 2 hours by plane.  Now that I’m pregnant I have more time to spend with my family and I’m working on a special project which I’ll announce soon. In the mean time i enjoy writing a blog for the website called Pret A Pregnant. It’s like the Harpers Bazar for fashionable mothers. 

What can we find in your travel toiletry?

‘My Barbor anti-stress Jetlag cream,. It’s low on vitamin A and perfect for your skin if you’re pregnant. I use face wash by Darphin and I use Eight hour cream by Elizabeth Arden for my lips. I am also fond of the brand Dermalogica. I have their Smoothing cream and eye cream. The lip-gloss I wear usually is by YSL, I like pink or fuchsia. And shimmer from MAC, this I wear when I’m a little tanned.’ 

Read Linda-Lotte’s blog about being stylishly pregnant: 

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