Interview – Fashion Model Jaimy Boeve

September 18, 2012 by Modellist-ID

Jaimy Boeve

Nationality: Dutch

Profession: Fashion Model and obtains a Bachelor degree in Event Management.


Full Circle Models – Cape Town

Max Models – Rotterdam

Network Models- Antwerp

Most Wanted Models- Hamburg

Select Models- Istanbul

Zone Models- London

Modellink- Sweden

5th Avenue -Spain

TFM Models -Norway


`FemmeFone campaign, Golf&More tv show on RTL, SunMarin swimwear on the Maldives, Adidas Cape Town, Comedy Central campaign Europe, Alpro campaign worldwide, MTV campaign Belgium.`

Current location: Amsterdam

How did you start modeling?

‘I was scouted a few times when I was young. I didn’t know anything about modeling and it was not my dream to become a model. After a few jobs I started to like it more and more. In the beginning it was a perfect job to make some money while studying. At the moment it is my fulltime job and I love it! It made me independent and world wise.’


jaimy boeve model interview

What does your career do for you?

`I enjoy traveling for my work and I like to embrace different cultures from around the world as much as possible. It’s always a surprise where I will be next month. My life as a model is not boring. There have been some incredible moments; trips you can’t even imagine, meeting talented people, so many experiences that I’ve loved. It’s the best job to have if you are adventurous.`

What’s your most memorable shoot?

`Swimwear shooting on the Maldives…. 10 days in paradise!`

What do you think MODELLIST-ID can do for the model community?

`It is great! MODELLIST-ID is perfect for models to share experiences.`

jaimy boeve model interview

Who do you admire and would you like to meet?

`I admire hard working people and anyone with a true passion for what they do. I would love to meet Nelson Mandela! As a model I like Doutzen Kroes. She is just gorgeous!`

What’s your favorite book/film/music?

`Films: The Notebook, Dear John, Intouchables.`

`Book: “Her name was Sarah” `

`Music: Depends on my mood, my music taste is very diverse. At the moment I like Rihanna while I am traveling!`

What’s your beauty regime?

`It’s very important to live a healthy lifestyle. I don’t want to starve myself because I love food! I like to take care of myself and know what kind of food I should be eating. It’s good to work out and keep fit. I have quite a lot of swimwear clients so I need to work very hard to keep my body in shape. It’s not always easy but it’s part of the job. In any job you have to give up certain things.`

jaimy boeve model interview

`Some of my favorite beauty products are YSL, Chanel powder and Dior lipgloss. Perfume: Narciso Rodrigues.`

What are your favourite hang out spots in the city you live in?

`I live in Amsterdam and in Amsterdam I love going to the Sarphatipark for a run and to hang out with friends. I like the ‘9 Straatjes’ in the Jordaan for shopping, the Conservatorium hotel for lunch, Vapiano for pasta, Little Buddha for sushi, The Butcher for a nice talk and drink, Brix for dinner, The Skybar for cocktails.`

What is your favourite city and where do you like to hang out there?

`Cape Town without a doubt. I love it! Everything about it!`

jaimy boeve model interview

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling?

`Believe in yourself! Make sure your management takes good care of you. It can be glamorous but it can be lonely as well. Try to enjoy every minute of it! And…. very important, finish your school!`

What are your future plans

`I would love to continue my career in modeling as long as possible. Besides that I would like to have a big family and take my own business to a higher level! `

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