Interview With Arno & Pascal from PAAR photography

July 13, 2016 by Modellist-ID

Paar photography

Not only a stunning couple in front of the camera but also super talented behind the camera: Today we had the pleasure to talk to models-turned-professional photographers Arno & Pascal from PAAR photography!

Besides a fashion model we noticed you are also a great photographer. Tell us a bit about your work. Thank you!
After 20 years of modeling I, Arnothought it was time for a change somehow. Instead of being part of a creation as a model I wanted to create myself and bring a team together.

In 2010, when I met my husband Pascal (who is still a successful model too with a career background in advertising) we started to shoot the models we were living with during our ‘on-stay periods’ to build-up a portfolio.

When we came back to Holland after our last long trip we founded PAAR(Read: PAscal & ARno and being a ‘paar‘ we thought it was a catchy name). PAAR stands for Creative visual communication & Imagery. 

Can you describe your style of photography to us?
We like to refer to our work as ‘esthetic‘. Topped with a PAAR-sauce 😉 In our editorial series we like to tell a story.

Interview Paar

How did modeling add to your skills and experience as a photographer?
I think it’s an absolute advantage to have worked as a model to give instructions to the models we have in front of the camera now. Certain poses might feel weird but they look great ‘on camera’.

Which model would you love to photograph?
We’d LOVE to shoot Sean O’Pry in a story together with Rosie Huntington Whitely. Those 2 are icons.

What people or things are inspiring you these days?
Actually whole society is inspiring as long as you keep your eyes & mind open to absorb the most inspiring stuff. It’s like a candy shop where you pick your favourite flavours. Traveling is the best way to get inspired.

arno bier de jong paar photographer model
Who are your favorite photographers?
There’s not just one favourite but we like the diversity of work of Inez & Vinoodh.

What are three things you can’t do without when working?
– A creative & openmined team willing to learn from- and listen to each otherAlso a good sense of humor.
– Of course it ‘s serious business and all about focus but laughing is SO important on shooting days.
– Coffee & good food 🙂

How has your work developed since you began and how do you see it evolving in the future?
I think we got more creative in our productions. Bit more ‘out of the box’. Also along the way we had the chance to work with very inspiring people to get our work to a next level.

Paar Arno bier de jong interview

Where can our readers see your work?
Recently we worked for Zodiac Magazine, Schaap & Citroen, TalkiesMagazine and we shot a global DelMonte campaign.

Do you have any model friend you would like to see presented on Modellist-ID?
We have one dear friend who’s in the business for a looooong time. One of the most stunning (& funny) women we know; Beatrice Chirita. 

Beatrice Chirita Arno Bier de Jong

Beatrice Chirita by Brenda de Vries for 210th

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