Inside Florenta’s Model Handbag

March 29, 2015 by Florenta Popa

Florenta Popa Fashion Model

What’s inside my black handbag?

Florenta Popa Fashion Model Handbag

1. Headphones

Because I listen to many Whatsapp voice messages, I can’t imagine my phone without headphones. I care about privacy. Also because I use to listen to my favorite songs when I’m traveling.

2. Lip balm: In love with Carmex lip balm. In my opinion, it’s the best one.

3. Lipstick: For a little bit of color, my lipstick is exactly what I need. Not too much, I prefer a natural look.

4. Notebook and a pen. Maybe I’m old fashion, most of the models use their phones. I like to write down in a notebook all options, jobs, details… or a shopping list.

5. My wallet: Big enough to carry all fidelity cards too, hahaha.

6. An extra little wallet for coins and key. Is the easiest way to find my keys faster or coins.

7. Small bottle of water. I got used to have it with me, everywhere.

8. A mini Sephora hair brush with a mirror. I consider it a must have.

9. Organic Hand Cream. I love having soft hands, well moisturized.

10. Tissues – always good to have them.

11. And of course, my phone. But I took the picture with it…

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Florenta Popa Florenta Popa is an international model born and discovered in Romania, more than 10 years ago. Besides modelling, she loves all that means a healhty lifestyle.


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