Inexpensive Beauty Hacks for Cash Strapped Students

December 9, 2016 by Modellist-ID

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It’s hard work looking gorgeous when you have zero cash in the bank and your student loan ran out last week. Even simple things such as fake tan or a new tube of mascara cost money. Nevertheless, the life of a student is about living within your means, so if you are toiling away, studying for an MBA in healthcare management from The George Washington University, here are some cheap beauty hacks to help you maintain your looks.

Hairspray Your Brows
Hairspray is great for holding fancy hairstyles in place, but did you know you could use it on your brows in place of expensive brow gel? You do need to be careful when spraying hairspray near your eyes (hint: shut your eyes first), but it is a very effective way of holding manicured brows in place. The cheaper the spray, the better.

Heated Eyelash Curlers
Heated eyelash curlers are great for giving eyelashes a nice, sexy curl, but they are also rather expensive, so here is a cheaper alternative. Buy some cheap metal eyelash curlers and warm them up with a hairdryer or cigarette lighter. Next, check they are not too hot and then use to curl your lashes. You can even use them on fake eyelashes!

Multi-Use Mascara
Mascara is a staple of any woman’s beauty drawer, along with lipstick and eyeliner. The good news is that mascara can double as eyeliner if you run out of your favorite liner. All you need to do is rub a liner brush over your mascara wand and then apply in the usual way. As long as you are not using waterproof mascara, it will wash off without a problem.

Cheap Nail Effects
It costs money to have nail art done at a nail bar. If you can’t afford a pro job, have a go at creating your own nail art. There are many ways to do this, but use a small sponge to apply cool color effects to nails in the minimum amount of time. Take three or four separate nail polishes and paint them on to a small sponge that has been trimmed to the width of your nails. Apply the sponge to each nail in turn, topping up polish as you go. The end result is nail art with no brush marks.

Cheap Makeup Brushes
Have you seen how expensive professional makeup brushes are? Sure, they do a great job, but who can afford to blow that kind of money on lip liner brushes or a blusher brush. Certainly not a poor student studying for a healthcare management degree online. One solution to the problem is to shop for makeup brushes in your local kids’ art supplies store. You will find brushes you can use, at a fraction of the price of professional makeup brushes.

You don’t need to waste time and money looking gorgeous. Try out these beauty hacks and give yourself more time in bed before you start studying for your MBA healthcare management.

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