I Couldn’t Imagine Falling In Love With England. But I Did…

April 1, 2015 by Giada Combusti

On my way to Paris I decided to write a new chapter for my personal blog.

I came in England 3 years ago and since then randomly moved back and forth and even though I thought that I couldn’t like such place as London, nowadays I’m madly in Love with this country.

I love many aspects of it and I’m grateful that every time I had the chance to learn different aspects from different prospects. Without going into details, I’ll write something about it and of course I’ll share some pictures.

More than ever before I explored Art and History; many museums and exhibitions are free in this country such a wonderful gift, all this beauty from many countries around the world for the eyes and ears of everyone, we are lucky.

I’ve been to theatre to see spectacular shows and also amazing classical concerts, what an amazing world!

I’ve been delighted numerous times by the fantastic feeling that I got from some of those, specially live concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, what an Human mind can create it seams to be incredible. I feel blessed I had sensational experiences.

Even though I wasn’t a perfect student at primary and high school, now studying is become an addiction, I have the desire to improve myself and know about the power of mind, human being history and the capacity to create beauty.

I’ve been asking to myself and people around me why in Europe we have the most about of art and beauty, no one gave me an answer and I ended up with the following conclusion:

It’s a combination of facts. Knowledge plus suffer plus influence of religions = creation of Beauty, it is a balance. I’m not saying that where there is peace there is no beauty or art but in this case this is what I believe.

I didn’t see lots of cities but I’ve been in some of them.

I decided to visit Oxford and Cambridge where I saw the most famous University in the world. What a Magical atmosphere over there! Brainy energy!!

What to say? Marvelous architectures and peaceful streets, I loved it more than I could imagine.

I’ve been to Brighton once, recently, just for a photo shooting and the location was at the seaside, well it was freezing but it was surprising! What a wonderful shadows of blues, sky and sea perfectly connected therefore I was connected too. Loved it!

London indeed is not the only beautiful place in this country. As I always do, I definitely suggest to people to come over and see other places, no just London.

I couldn’t imagine falling in love with this country and culture. But I did…

My life is a succession of continuing adventures and magical encounters. I’ve the capacity to realize my dreams. Life is beautiful. 


– King’s Collage, Cambridge

– Cambridge

– Cambridge

– Cambridge

– Cambridge 

– Brighton

– Birmingham

– Into the field, London

– Nature, London 

 South – east London 

– Victoria Palace 

– Beautiful sea colors Brighton

– National Gallery, London 

– Royal Albert Hall 

– Wallace Collection, London 

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