How yoga helps you live a full life

November 27, 2018 by Modellist-ID

Yoga fuller life

Yoga has shown to have many health benefits associated with it when you practice regularly. In many ways, it can give you a fuller life. Your body, mind, and soul are all associated. Yoga taps into it all. Your body becomes stronger, you become more flexible, and you are more relaxed. When everything is in alignment, you can better enjoy your life and the people in it.

Strength, Flexibility, Mobility, and Balance

  1. Strength

When you do yoga often, you improve your strength. This allows you to do things you perhaps weren’t capable of anymore. It helps you with other sports or even the more mundane parts of life like carrying groceries. Having strength enhances your life because you release limitations that otherwise would hold you back. You might not want to try new things because you’re afraid you don’t have the power. When you do yoga poses like downward facing dog and plank a lot, you gain a lot of strength in your shoulders, core, and legs.

  1. Flexibility

Being more flexible is great but what yoga really does is allows the body to move more freely. When you’re tight in spots and lose flexibility, your muscles may have to compensate other areas because you’re not in balance. Being flexible prevents you experiencing pain. Releasing tension from the hips will reduce any back pain for example. The body is connected in beautiful ways and when you do yoga enough, you can alleviate pain. This flexibility also allows you to get into more complex yoga poses as your practice continues.

  1. Mobility

Many of us don’t do mobility exercises. The joints need to be used in specific ways that allow tissues to become lubricated. If they are dormant, they can be susceptible to injury easily. If you do other sports like cross fit, you are at risk of getting hurt when you don’t do anything to help out these joints. Yoga offers many gentle exercises to ensure that these joints get the attention they need to be healthy and in good working order.

  1. Balance

When you work with balance through yoga, you can do some great things. Your balance helps with all aspects of your life. When you work out or play sports, you need good balance to perform properly.

You Balance Your Energetic Body

Yoga does a deeper benefit than you may realize. The yoga asanas were developed thousands of years ago by sages that understood there is energy in us. These energetic spots in the body are known as the chakras. There are seven in total and yoga taps into these areas. It gets rid of any toxic energy that may be stopping things from functioning properly. The chakras have a lot to do with your mood and energy levels. Yoga helps to open them back up so you can experience a more beautiful existence.

Breathing Helps Reduce Anxiety

It’s hard to live a full life when you live in an anxious state of mind. You can’t focus on anything and the world feels like it’s caving in on you. Yoga breathing has been proven to help reduce anxiety significantly. Anxiety wreaks havoc on your body too, shortening lives due to heart problems. Breathing is extremely good for the central nervous system and can instantly alleviate the onset of anxious moments.

You are better equipped to manage stressful situations like meetings or chaotic days. You become better at letting life happen. Here are some important breathing techniques you can use o get rid of anxiety.


Part of yoga is meditation. It helps you stay mindful and appreciative of your life when you learn to meditate. You can navigate problems and be in your moments far better when you practice meditation. Yoga ends with corpse pose, which is a challenging and important part of the practice. This is a good introduction to doing even more meditation.

Committing to even just 10 minutes of yoga per day can greatly enhance your life. You will have more energy and more strength so activities are more fun as opposed to draining. You manage stress better too which ensures a longer, happier life. If you have health issues, you can improvise your practice so it suits you. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do but have had physical limitations, you can rely on yoga to help you gain the strength to achieve whatever you want.

More importantly, yoga helps you to get in touch with your higher state of consciousness which is life-changing. If you haven’t really listened to what your heart is speaking, yoga puts you in alignment to hear the secrets of your own yearning. Maybe you have denied yourself of what you really want in life. When you take the time to go inwards, you will hear that loud and clear. This is how you live a full life in truth and in good health.



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