How Vaping Takes Over Urban Fashion

June 12, 2018 by Modellist-ID


How did vape culture develop? An electronic cigarette was invented by the Chinese pharmacist Hon Link exactly as an alternative to regular tobacco smoking. However, it was not love at first sight.

People just did not understand the advantages and also were afraid of such a new invention. Another problem was that the first cigarettes were not very convenient to use. Also, the liquids lest a lot be desired. Especially the smell and taste. But the situation was changing rapidly. More and more people started to buy vape box mods from Vapindaily and delve into the subtleties.

Now, vaping is a fairly developed industry, which focuses on providing the consumer with a quality product and the widest variety of tastes. The question of the dangers and benefits of electronic cigarettes remains controversial to this day, but more and more smokers lean towards vaping. Someone wants to quit smoking, someone wants to try something new. Many people start vaping because it is popular. That is exactly how it came into urban culture.

Why it became so popular?
Well, it is hard to imagine that just a few years ago not so many people knew about e-cigs. Most thought that the vaping is new fashionable whim among young people, which will quickly lose popularity. Large tobacco companies have never been able to predict that vaping will compete with tobacco products and actively crowd out the market. But what is more important, is that vaping became extremely popular nowadays as a part of the lifestyle, new urban fashion feature.

Vaping has become a very fashionable phenomenon, turning into a kind of trend. The popularity of vaping can be explained not only by the fact that it acts as a safer alternative to smoking, but also because celebrities are involved in its PR publicly or unwittingly. In the press, especially the American one, photos of actors and other famous people with most expensive vape mods in their hands began to appear more and more often.

Is this a new subculture or a part of urban fashion?
It is quite difficult to call vaping people a new subculture since it is impossible to distinguish them either by gender, or by age gradation, or by clothing style. The only feature that is inherent to all is the love and passion to the process itself, to the preparation, to buying different vape mod kits etc. Vaping is more about the culture that has been formed over the past few years around the users of electronic devices. Urban fashion says that everyone can vape! Students and office managers, politicians and businessmen, teachers and builders. There are no borders, and even more so, there are no restrictions. Expressing yourself was always in vogue, isn’t it?

Many vapeclubs open on the basis of the vapeshop and local cafes so that people with similar ideas and hobbies can gather. Active implementation of vaping culture goes through social networks, where people form like-minded communities, which discuss novelties of vape gadgets. Hashtags #vape and #vaping are gaining more and more attention. All this shows that the peak of this trend popularity is yet to come. Though the popularity of vaping culture is an important factor to start vaping, but more weighty argument is your close environment who already does.

The development of the trend
Since more and more people are likely to have their own vape mod or any other kind of vaping device, new products are produced lightning fast. For example Juuls, mech mods, pod mods, box mods and many other for everyone’s taste.
Usually, one e-cig is not enough for real passionate vaper and more often collection consists of 3-5 devices, which work differently. Many people also mix liquids on their own to make flavours more unique and to understand the processes better.

Do celebrities use e-cigarettes?
Celebrities like most modern people are also concerned about their health. The percentage of heavy smokers among the stars is very large. We all know how such a bad habit can affect appearance. And who, if not world celebrities, know how important it is to look perfect either on the stage or in everyday life. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more stars of Hollywood, television, and the music industry became interested in vaping culture.

The first person to be mentioned as one of the biggest vaping fans is a world-class actor Leonardo DiCaprio. He seems to be indivisible with his vape mod. Leonardo uses it wherever and whenever he wants both on vacation and at work while giving interviews and even at the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony. He is a true fan, isn’t he?

Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez were seen with e-cigs at the “Detroit Pistons” vs the “NY Knicks” game in January 2014 at Madison Square Garden. Tom Hardy on the regular shootings was seen with an e-cigar while talking to his colleague on set. Johnny Depp does not hide that he prefers vaping to smoking. Even in the movie “Tourist”, he was vaping on the train. Katy Perry was first spotted with an e-cig back in 2011. The singer is still an active vaper. Vaping is not just a young celebrity’s game, a point proven by an acting genius Samuel L. Jackson. This veteran actor has been photographed with his ciga like on many occasions.

What is the future of Vaping Culture?
Vaping has bright and optimistic future. In a few years, the whole world will be using e-cigs. First of all, because it is more useful than ordinary cigarettes. The main obstacle is high prices: even disposable electronic cigarettes are produced manually. If someone figures out how to automate the whole process, the prices will dramatically decrease, and regular cigarettes will have a real competitor. Anyway, vaping is a great part of an urban culture which is hard to overestimate.

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