How To Nourish Yourself Through The Winter

January 19, 2018 by Melissa Blaauwendraad

Consider winter as an apt time for relaxing and going a little easy on yourself; 2017 was a whirlwind of achievements and goals, deadlines and routines, so feel free to let your hair down a little and relax in front of the fire.

It’s time to recuperate and enjoy life’s little pleasures, and there’s no need to feel guilty, as by doing so you’re limbering up for that 2018 has installed for you. Take good care of yourself, and nourish your body and your mind through the chilliest months of the year. Nourish and nurture yourself now, and reap the rewards later in the year, when it’s nicer outside.

Vitamin D
Winter is a time for cold weather and adversity, but that needn’t mean that your health has to suffer. The cold weather can stop you from enjoying the sun and getting the necessary vitamin D from the sunlight, but there is a way around this is the form of a tablet. Vitamin D can be easily purchased from health food stores and wholefood outlets, so stock up and be sure to get your vitamins. Vitamin D is responsible for healthy bone growth and development, so don’t skip taking what your body needs. Should you wish to consult your doctor before adding any supplements into your diet, then don’t hesitate to do so and get the all clear. Stay happy and healthy this winter, safe in the knowledge that you’re working to nourish your body.

Look After Your Lips And Hands
In the face of cold weather and chilly winds, your lips take a battering, causing them to become dry and chapped. Ensure that you have lip salve to you at all times to protect them from the elements. The same applies for your hands too, and any part of your body that is exposed to the cold will suffer. Nourish your skin through the winter months with a well moisturizing hand cream or lotion. Weleda have a range of natural creams that help keep skin feeling smooth and supple, all the while working in harmony with nature.

Get Your Five A Day And More
Get all the vitamins and minerals you need to in order to stay happy and healthy and starting the day with the right breakfast is important. Enjoy a large bowl of porridge or acai bowl fit to burst with antioxidants and more. These are easy to make for yourself, and the process of doing so and arranging them can be therapeutic; there’s a great joy to be had in eating something that both looks and tastes delicious and nourishing.

Some Needs Are Greater Than Others
Look after yourself, and nourish all of your needs. Some needs are more important than others, and some are simply more enjoyable. Some are required to survive, and then there are ones that are good fun and crucial to your wellbeing, and none so much as sexual pleasure and enjoyment. Take full advantage of these cold winter nights and spend as much time as you want inside snuggled with your partner, or even alone. It’s the perfect time to be indoors and keeping warm. Take blissfully warm showers together with that special someone until your heart, and more, is content. Stay warm in the shower with Bathmate Direct and in turn warm things up in the bedroom. Keep yourself entertained throughout the winter; after all, you need to take care of yourself in order to look and feel your very best. You’ve waited for this time all year, so you should enjoy it to the very fullest. You really do, quite frankly, have nothing to lose.

Allocate Time To Relax
Keep your mind, as well as your body nourished this winter. Allocate time to sit down and enjoy something that soothes your mind, like reading for example. Don your slippers and some cozy, comfortable clothes and get settled in front of the fire or in an armchair. Simple tasks can free your mind from the stresses of the day so call up a friend and see what they’re doing by way of keeping nourished over the winter months. Ask for advice and expertise, and you could find yourself receiving tips and further educating yourself on mindfulness. Or you up a form of meditation, you can do this in the comfort of your own home, there are plenty of yoga instructors who will come to your house and guide you through, but if this doesn’t sound appealing then you can always follow a video online. Alternatively, winding down with a glass of wine and having a bath will slow your breathing, your brain and assist you in getting your all-important “me time”.

Have Soup
By making and preparing your own soups, you can have free rein on how many vegetables you add, and to really get the most from soups you want to pack them full with fresh vegetables and some fruits. You can make soups and freeze them so that you can have them for both lunch and dinner if you’re on the go. Soups are as comforting as they are nourishing. In winter, root vegetables are easy to source, and they are ideal for feeling full and staving off hunger pangs. Soups are quick and easy to both prepare and consume, so they make perfect hearty meals on-the-go.

Add Warmth To Your Wardrobe
You’ll need to be wrapped up warmly during these months so investment will not go amiss. Coats that contain duck down are often the warmest so do your research and opt for both style and function. If you’re stuck for thinking where to look, then Canada Goose may be the way forward. Their coats are superbly warm and on trend so keep nourished and comfortable while looking great.

Time With Family
Time with close and extended family reminds you what is important in life. When you’re surrounded by those you love, you create and maintain strong bonds and nurture positive and loving behaviors. By spending time with loved ones and caring for each other, you’re creating lasting memories and building on the foundation of what it means to be a family.

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