How to make big savings on skincare?

October 17, 2018 by Modellist-ID

How to Make Big Savings on Skincare?

A survey carried out by OnePoll indicates that American women spend around a quarter of a million dollars on their appearance in their lifetime, on everything from treatments to makeup products, and skincare items. The New York Post recently published an article about this expenditure, deeming it a product of ‘vanity’. The truth is that appearance is intricately tied in to self-esteem. For women the world over, donning makeup and keeping their skin in good condition isn’t about vanity; it’s more about presenting their best self to the world. In this post we discuss a few ways you can cut down your spending yet still look resplendent; as young on the outside as you feel inside.

Taking Advantage of Sales

The summer season is on and that means one thing for fashion and beauty lovers: sales! Far from covering just clothing and accessories, sales also feature makeup and skincare items, and that means we can make our dollar stretch further, not just in the short-term but for months ahead. To make the most of sales, you need to work out the items you need weeks or even months before. Draft a list of must-have items, and on the day the sales start, jump online and make these crucial purchases. Over the year, collect vouchers and other discounts that can knock some dollars off the final price of your chosen items. Having a strategy will ensure you don’t buy ‘on the impulse’ and end up with items that expire because you simply don’t have a need for them or because you cannot use them all in time.

Which Retailers Offer the Best Sales?

It makes little sense to rush for stores selling low-priced items when sale season starts, since discounts tend to be small and most items are affordable for most pockets anyway. Far better is to plan ahead, studying lists of shops that offer the best discounts, and making a few select purchases instead of many smaller ones. Think beauty items you really need, such as a good serum that is always a little too expensive to buy at its normal retail price.

Considering the Long-Term

If you have a skin problem that you have been spending hundreds of dollars on but which is difficult to put a stop to (think acne, or pigmentation), look into the potential savings of visiting an aesthetic clinic that offers treatments such as Fractora laser, which works well to quell both active acne and scarring. Treatment by specialists can be worth every penny, considering that issues such as acne can cause permanent scarring that cannot be improved through skincare products alone.

Skincare items are key to keep our skin cleansed, toned, and moisturized daily. Save on the amount you spend by investing in a few quality items rather than on a plethora of products you don’t end up using because you don’t like their texture or the way they make your skin feel. Consider long-term solutions to big issues that can sometimes require medication and/or laser and other technologically-based treatments. Finally, plan your sales strategy well to make the most of any available discounts.


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