How to look effortlessly stylish and trendy in the middle of winter

December 19, 2018 by Modellist-ID

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For many women, the goal to look effortlessly stylish and on trend no matter what situation they may be in can sometimes be a bit harder to achieve. One thing that can stand between you and style is the weather, which can cause you to choose clothing and accessories that you may not exactly deem as “trendy”.

As we head into the winter months, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to make it through the cold harsh weather while looking great. Let’s face it, bundling up in all kinds of layers and throwing on a heavy pair of snow boots doesn’t exactly scream fashionable. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and put these tips together, designed to help you keep up with your goal to look effortlessly stylish and trendy even in the middle of winter. So yes, it is possible.

Use Accessories to Your Advantage

In spring and summer weather, often you look to your outfit to be the shining star. You can show off that new blouse, skirt, dress, or trousers and look as though you just walked off the runway. In winter, a good portion of your outfit is going to be covered up by your coat and boots, which means you can’t rely on it to make a statement. Instead, it’s all about using accessories to your advantage.

Winter presents itself with a whole host of accessories that can really add style to your look. Some of these accessories are those you’ll only use in winter, whereas others can be used all year-round. Take for example the bag or purse you choose.

Right now, backpacks are one of the hottest trends out there, and just because the snow may be falling and the temperatures are dropping, doesn’t mean you need to give up on this trend. Instead, take a look at the SSENSE Chloé backpack options such as the Grey Mini Faye Backpack. This Chloé bag features a unique lanyard clasp fastening that is attached to a chain which secures the fold-over flap. The Chloé backpack has silver and gold tone hardware, making it very current. If you decide you don’t want to wear it as a backpack, simply remove the straps.

Of course, accessories are about more than just purses and bags; in winter it also includes hats, gloves, mitts, and scarves, all of which can be fashion statements. Berets and Baker Boy hats are both huge this season and can add interest to any look that you throw together. Each adds a level of sophistication and at the same time, youthfulness.

Now, because your scarf sits front and center on your outfit, and is right next to your face, this is the opportunity to create a focal point. A scarf can add interest to your look, make a statement, brighten up an otherwise dull winter jacket, and add color to your face making you look more vibrant. Rich jewel tones are always popular, as is plaid.

Your Winter Boots Can Be Functional and Trendy

Here’s another item that can double as both a functional item in the winter and a trendy statement piece. Winter boots are just part of everyday life for those living in regions that get the cold and snow. They keep your feet warm and dry, but also offer much better grip on slushy and slippery surfaces. This is no place to be making a sacrifice in the name of fashion.

Today you can find a huge variety of winter boot styles, many of which don’t even look like winter boots. You can find styles that look like a fabulous pair of fall boots but in fact have a thermal lining, excellent grip on the sole, and have been treated with a waterproof coating.

Tall boots either just below the knee or to the knee are usually the best route to take. With this height you know you’ll be able to make it through the snow drifts, and they will look amazing. Just be sure that they aren’t so snug that you can’t tuck your leggings, jeans, and trousers into them.

Step Out of the Comfort Zone with the Color of Your Jacket

All too often when people shop for a new winter jacket they tend to go with the staple color of black. While black is versatile and matches with anything, it’s also not very exciting. Instead, why not make a fashion statement with your jacket and pick something unexpected? Again, you go can go with a rich jewel tone of purple, green, or blue, or you can take a softer route and pick a pastel shade that is soft looking against your skin.

Look Your Best No Matter the Weather

Each of these tips will allow you to look just as stylish and trendy in the winter as you do in the spring and summer months, all while making sure you stay toasty warm and dry.


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