How to get gorgeous hair on a shoestring budget

November 29, 2018 by Modellist-ID

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According to statistics published in Harpers Bazaar, Australian women spend about $3,600 a year on beauty products. Considering that the hair care industry revenue is around $947 million a year (Statista), it’s easy to see that much of this money goes to pay for your locks. Does this mean that you can’t have beautiful hair when living on a shoestring budget?

Of course, it doesn’t! You can cut your spending on hair care to the minimum and keep your tresses shiny, healthy, and strong. To achieve this you’ll need to buy products wisely, use homemade remedies, and choose the right hairstyle.

Top 4 Tips on How to Have Shiny Beautiful Hair on a Budget

1.   Choose a hairstyle that doesn’t need much ‘maintenance’

The bulk of hair care money goes to cover salon visits and styling products. Therefore, you should find a way to reduce the spending on both, but without sacrificing your look. To achieve this, you need to choose a hairstyle that won’t need frequent visits to a stylist to maintain. Pick a cut that will look beautiful even if you let it grow out a bit.

You also need to consider how much styling the haircut needs. Choosing a style that you can ‘whip into shape’ without heat styling and extra products is best not only to save money. Styling damages your locks greatly, so you’ll be doing your hair a big favor by picking an easy-to-style cut.

2.   Buy hair care products from trusted brands

You’ll definitely need to spend some money on essential hair care products, like shampoo and conditioner. And this is where you need to do a lot of research as you need to find a brand that offers professional-grade products at reasonable prices.

Look for trusted brands that specialize in versatile products, like 18 in 1, Fanola, or Totex Cosmetic. Look at the product description and pick the option that works best for your hair but also has additional benefits. For example, if you buy a toning shampoo for bleached locks, pick one that also has a moisturizing effect. You can also go for products with complex formulas that offer multiple benefits, click here to see some of those. Such a formula has to be cleansing, strengthening, moisturizing, and paraben-free.

3.   Use homemade hair remedies

When shopping for hair care products on a shoestring budget, you’ll have to pass up masks and deep conditioning treatments as these products are expensive. However, you can easily replace them using the contents of your pantry.

The majority of good homemade hair masks include olive or coconut oil, avocados, eggs, honey, and bananas. You can find recipes for all hair types and any kind of issue. Note that every person reacts to these remedies differently, so you might need to try a few blends before you find what’s working best for you.

4.   Stop colouring your locks

Forget about hair colouring and embrace your natural look. Nowadays, natural beauty is trending all over the world, even when it comes to grey hairs. Celebrity pictures in People and other magazines prove this.

In case you want to get some amount of colour-enhancement, you should consider herbal remedies. For example, rinse blonde locks with chamomile tea to make them golden. The same goes for making brunette tresses more vivid, but you’ll need to use oak bark instead. And redheads as well as those who want to add a bit of copper shine to their locks, should use henna.


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