How to get a summer body in little to no time

April 13, 2018 by Modellist-ID

summer body

The summer months are well on the way, and perhaps you feel that you have left it a little too late to get into shape.

Whether you want to slim down and lose a few pounds, or tone up so that you feel your best on the beach, there is still time for you to work towards getting a summer body that will help you ooze confidence. If you thought that the answer was in crash dieting and extreme calorie cutting, then think again! Getting a summer body takes time and consistency so that you remain on track towards getting the figure that you want.

Before undertaking any extreme change to your physical health, it is advisable to book in for a full physical medical check-up first. Even if you feel that you are in the best of health, or that there is nothing wrong, it is still worth seeing a health professional to check our overall body fat levels, blood pressure and to talk through any other issues that are causing you concern. Make sure that you talk through with your doctor to see if there are any issues in your family that could be an issue also. Once you have seen a professional, and are sure that you are in the best physical and mental state to get committed to your plan, then you can start to work towards getting the summer body of your dreams.

Build your body
Believe it or not, when it comes to building and sculpting your summer body you need to remember that this begins in the kitchen. Getting a summer body does not purely consist of lifting weights in the gym, or putting in the hours of cardio during classes, you need to make sure that you fuel your body adequately so that you can burn fat in areas where you want to slim down, and build lean muscle mass overall. Begin by loading up your plate with leafy greens and colorful seasonal fruits and vegetables. Try to incorporate a few grains such as quinoa and brown rice, which are slow release, keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Make sure that you up your protein consumption also, by eating lots of organic, lean meats such as chicken and turkey, or fish such as salmon and tuna, which is rich in omega-3. If you are working out more than usual, then make sure that you also incorporate a post-gym snack or smoothie into your diet and fitness plan also, as you will need to keep your protein levels high to ensure that your muscles and repair and grow. Do not deny yourself the odd sweet treat, but instead of sugar-laden candies opt for nuts or rice cakes with peanut or other nut butter. If you need to feed your sweet tooth, then choose extra dark chocolate or berries to help you get your sugar high, without feeling guilty from all the extra calories.

Summer workouts
The best part of shaping and honing your summer body is that you can now make good use of the warm weather, and get inventive by shaping up your usual regimes and getting outdoors. From enjoying a jog around the park in your lunch break to lifting logs in the park, there is a huge range of ways that you can burn calories while enjoying the great outdoors. Be sure to calculate your macros and BMI (Body mass index) so that you know if you are eating too much, or too little, to complement your workout efforts. If you are eating too much, after putting in the hours at the gym, then you will no longer get the results that you are after. Similarly, working out more than usual and failing to refuel your body sufficiently will put your system into starvation mode, making it even harder for you than normal to lose weight. Be sure to enjoy your workouts and make sure that you also incorporate more weight lifting into your routines too. Remember that although it takes longer to show on the scales, lifting heavy weights will actually help you to lean down and shift stubborn body fat, growing your overall muscle mass – and your chances at a six-pack.

Enjoy your journey
While you are on your journey towards getting a beach body, it is vital that you slow down and enjoy your transition to a better and healthier new you. If you are struggling to feel motivated, or feel that you need some help and guidance to help you with your weight loss plan, then you could also consider enlisting the help of a personal trainer. A personal trainer is a fitness professional that will help you to target specific difficult areas, plus they could even teach you how to learn to love your workouts also. Companies such as T-Squared Personalized Training can help you to get into shape, tone up and reach your beach body goals. So, if you want to up your energy, strength and endurance levels, then you need to consider getting a personal trainer to help you to enjoy your journey, no matter how long it takes.

You can still get a summer beach body in little to no time if you put your mind to it. Be sure to visit the doctor or a medical professional to have an overall medical before beginning on your weight loss journey. Remember that you need to begin your summer body efforts by rethinking your nutrition, and checking what you are fuelling your body with. Make sure that you shape up your workouts, and make the most of the great outdoors. Be sure to try lifting heavier weights so that you can build lean muscle mass. Finally, if you are stuck then consider hiring a personal trainer to help you get motivated and work towards reaching your summer body goals. Changing your body will take a few weeks, so be sure to enjoy your transition and keep your positive mindset as you work towards a seasonal new version of yourself.

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