How to find the jeans of your dreams!

April 5, 2017 by Maaike Janna De blauw

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As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed the other day, I couldn’t help but notice the continuous influence of the 70’s and 90’s fashion, from the street to the catwalk, the 70’s flared leggings and jeans are 100% back. Nevertheless, the big, oversized, high-waisted jeans of the 90’s are still the beloved, inseparable item of many celebrities and influencers today.

When you go through your wardrobe you probably see many jeans hanging there, yet they probably end up anywhere else except on your bum!

Of course I have also had many a pair of unused jeans in my wardrobe. Nowadays I’ve got it down to max 2 pair of jeans, that look fab and I actually wear them!

So I am heading in the right direction. How did I do it? Read on and find out.

What are the things you need to think of when buying the jeans of your dreams? With so many choices, you probably find it hard to find the best fit, colour wash and style.

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Here are a few golden rules of mine for when it comes to buying jeans:

1. Figure out what colour jeans you like and dislike, this way you limit your options and you will find it easier to choose.

2. Always check where the pockets are on the bum of the jeans, this is (in my opinion) the secret of a nice pair of jeans. The bigger the pockets, the nicer your bum looks, you also want the pockets to be aligned with each other.

3. Always try before you buy. Even if the changing room line goes from here to Paris. (Hate waiting? Remember my previous 3 golden rules about shopping online? Yep… now you see the benefits!)

4. Look at the colour wash of the jeans. The darker your jeans are the classier they look, more washed out makes them more casual. (Also the seams are very important! You want the seams to be the same colour as the jeans, again, this makes the jeans look classier and thus makes them timeless (not to mention easier to combine and wear).

5. Make sure the jeans flatter your figure and shape. This is possibly the most difficult to check. First, figure out which type of jeans suit you and which don’t. For example jeans with rolled cuffs make you look shorter, whilst flared jeans make you look taller.

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Okay so, follow these 5 rules next time you are about to buy jeans you can be almost certain that you will find your dream jeans! Enjoy your journey 😉

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