How To Enjoy A Healthy Summer Without Undoing Your Hard Work

May 29, 2019 by Modellist-ID editor

It’s a lot easier to dedicate your free time to the gym during the winter months rather than in the warmer months, quite simply because there’s much less to do when the daylight draws to a close between 4pm and 5pm.

Summer is full of temptation, and you shouldn’t deny yourself the pleasure of spending time with close friends, family, and your partner. What you need to be careful doing, however, is enjoying yourself a little too much and making your job harder when you come back to hitting the gym later in the year. Consistency is key to success in order to maintain good health, so live a little but work hard alongside doing this.

Stay Dry And Free From Sweat

Nobody likes to be covered in sweat – it’s unpleasant, odorous, and can make you feel extremely self-conscious. Ensure that you stay supported and comfortable by visiting to browse through a wide range of deodorizing, sweat repellent, and sun-blocking technology. Wearing the proper gym gear is even more essential in the summer as the necessity to stay cool is ever the more important.

Get Up Before The Heat Of The Day

During the gloriously warm summer months, the sun rises earlier and begins heating the land first thing in the morning. To counteract this, you must find time either before sunrise or after sunset to workout.

Breathing the fresh air of the morning sets you up for the day with a spring in your step. It also bestows upon you a calming feeling that arrives after working out and flooding your system with endorphins.

It isn’t wise to exercise in the heat of the day, as by doing this, you expose yourself to the damaging effects of the sun’s rays, as well as increasing your chances of exhaustion, heat stroke, and dehydration.

Work Hard And Play Hard

Many people work hard during the colder months in order to attain the ‘summer body’ of their dreams. Summer couldn’t come around soon enough for those who are feeling ready to debut their beach bodies while laid out by the sea catching a tan. Of course, you should enjoy your summer, especially if you’ve been working tirelessly to tone up but don’t make the mistake of abandoning your hard-won results and neglecting the gym equipment until next year.

By all means make plans with friends to enjoy late evenings having BBQ’s, eating ice creams by the shore, and going to bars at sundown, but ensure that you continue to attend those HIT classes, to complete circuit training, and to attack those abs in-between.

Mocktails In The Place Of Cocktails

Alcohol is brimming with processed sugars and empty calories that can undo your diet and exercise plan, just like that. So, when at the bar or in a restaurant, ask to see the non-alcoholic drinks menu and choose a mocktail instead. Having said this, mocktails themselves are very likely to be full of sugar, so try to select from a list of alternative alcoholic beverages to enjoy so you can keep the body you’ve worked so hard to secure.


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