How to Cope with High-Functioning Anxiety

July 1, 2018 by Modellist-ID


For most people who suffer from anxiety, they can often find that they are unable to go out, don’t want to interact with people and often can’t work effectively if at all.

However, there are others that suffer from a different form of anxiety called high-functioning anxiety. With this type, you may often be considered a go-getter and someone who is always striving to do better. But, the problem is, that your mind is often telling you that you are not good enough and that you are a failure. If you suffer from high-functioning anxiety, here are some of the things you can do to cope with the symptoms.

Learn to Recognize the Symptoms
The first thing you need to do if you think you suffer from high-functioning anxiety or any other mental health issue is to seek the help of your doctor. You might not feel comfortable speaking to them about how you feel, but it is important that you try to get help and a diagnosis for your symptoms. Once they have assessed you, they will probably send you to see a therapist to talk about your problems. They will be better trained to tell you what your symptoms are and give you an idea of the treatments that may be available to you. It is at this stage that you need to start learning what your symptoms are and what others you might have had for a long time. Many people have symptoms that they didn’t even know were related to their anxiety, such as being a ‘perfectionist’ and needing to be in control.

Fear Has to be Your Friend
If you are suffering from anxiety, then fear is going to be a big part of your life. Your anxiety will try to make you fear your ability, fear your success and fear of failure. It means that fear is going to be like a friend that you don’t want but have to put up with. However, if you can learn to accept that fear is going to be a part of your life, then you can begin to work on it and accept it for what it is. For example, if you always feel fear when you are giving a presentation, it might be that you are not afraid of the presentation, but of being accepted. By understanding that this will happen, you can take away some of the power that the fear has over you.

Keep Your Body as Active as Your Mind
With high-functioning anxiety, your mind will be working overtime with all of the possible things that can go wrong and all the negative parts that it always seems to focus on. To try and help balance things out, you want to try and make your body work as hard as your mind does. Because you are always worrying about your job and how well you are doing, you will likely be working all the hours you can. However, what you need is to take some of the time and go for a run or go to the gym. Not only will this help you burn off some energy, butit can also help you to calm your mind. There is a lot of evidence that suggests exercise can make a big difference to your mental health. That is because your body releases a hormone that mimics the euphoric feeling.

Practice Deep Breathing Exercises
One of the many ways that you can try to calm your feelings of anxiety is to start practicing deep breathing techniques. You might not think that they can be effective, but it can be a valuable tool in trying to calm your feelings. When you start to get overly anxious, your breathing increases as your body prepares to run. However, if you can learn to slow your breathing down it will lessen the feelings of anxiety and it will stop adrenalin from building up, which can make you feel sick and fidgety. Learn to do these exercises at any time, whether you are at work or home. Knowing that you have a way to curb your anxiety will give you a great feeling of safety and confidence.

There are some people who find that medication can help them to deal with the worst of their symptoms. Even though there is no guarantee that medication will fix it completely, by removing some of them and making the others easier, it can allow you to focus on your life and the more important things. As well as traditional medication, there is also a wide variety of other medications and supplements that you can use. One of these is CBD oil which has been shown in many studies to help those with anxiety and other mental health issues. You can get more info online about what types of CBD oil will be best for you. For some people, medication is something that helps them every day; for others, it is something that can help them get back on track and then they can come off of them. However, if they work for you, they are worth considering.

Intervene with Your Anxiety
If there is one thing that anxiety loves more than anything else, its more anxiety! It feeds off itself until you feel that there is no way out of the situation you are in. It is this circle of emotion and fear that can cause the most damage to your confidence and your self-worth. That is why you need to learn to intervene with your anxiety and stop it from taking over your mind. To do this, try to do something that can distract your mind from this circle and onto something else. For some people, this means playing a game on your phone, for others, it might be painting or going for a walk. Whatever it is that works for you, this is what you need to do.

With these and other tips, you can learn to cope with your high-functioning anxiety and live the life you want.

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