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August 5, 2016 by Dorith Mous

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One can ask him-/herself what they can’t give up or live without. Honestly, most people asking themselves that very question, give an answer of luxury and will never have to worry about such a thing as not having what they actually cannot live without; clean water, food, clothes on their back and a roof over their heads.

Since I have the not-to-be-taken-for-granted privilege to have what I need, which is something not everyone in this world can say, I can ask myself what I wouldn’t like to live without. Well, People who always have my back, places that I adore …

In my last column, I discussed finding home in Amsterdam. In this one, I give you my top 10 favorite spots in this very city that I wouldn’t like not having in an effort to share them with like-minded readers. Enjoy!

Dorith Mous top 10 favorite Amsterdam city tips restaurant RED lobster menu fashion model#1 RESTAURANT RED

This place is the absolute Walhalla for me. Being a lobster fanatic and loving a good quality piece of red meat, I say: if you like those, look no further. These two amazing items in the food chart are the only ones existing on the (main course) menu at RED, served in different fashions and paired with amazing wines.

This, and the off menu Scroppinos, have made me come back here for years, every time my feet touch Dutch soil and many of my international guests have been dragged here, though dragging is not at all necessary.

Why, other than the menu? The staff is sweet, adequate and modest. It’s small (15 tables or so) and not at all loud which enables you to enjoy a beautiful glass of wine/champagne and your plate of choice in peace.

Dorith Mous top 10 favorite Amsterdam city tips restaurant RED lobster menu model fashionWhat I order here:

  • First course: Smoked salmon (70 grams) with blini’s, paired with a glass of La Tordera Jelma’s Sparkling dry;
  • Second course: Surf & Turf, 1/2 Canadian lobster and a European Tournedos (200grams). Paired with a South African Delaire Graff chenin blanc;
  • Desert: First a Scroppino, then a Coffee & Cognac.


Keizersgracht 594

1017 EN Amsterdam

+31 20 320 18 24


Hotel-like bar that serves beautiful cocktails and has an impressive wine-/whiskey list. The barmen know what they’re talking about and more importantly what they’re doing. It’s a great place to meet up one-on-one if you’re looking to catch up in a calm environment. If you’re looking to party, this is not the right place. Style and class are appreciated here, in behavior as well as in how you dress.

What I mostly order here: an extra dirty Martini or a Bourbon Old Fashioned.


Elandsgracht 84

1016 TZ

+31 20 751 3273


One of the oldest botanical gardens in the world with green houses, a butterfly room and a restaurant that serves a great organic lunch from local products. And they have great seeds and books about plants in the gift shop!


Plantage Middenlaan 2a

1018 DD

+31 20 625 9021


What a building! And what’s inside is even better. Great exhibits about cinema such as shows on the work of Spielberg, Robby Muller, Stanley Kubrick and other greats. They have movie halls, a restaurant with great food (and pies!) and the view is second to none.


IJpromenade 1

1031 KT

+31 20 589 14 00

#5 Hollywood Mark

Tattoo Shop in the old Jordaan district, who’s artist Dan Selleck is responsible for quite a bit of my ink. He takes appointments only. Another great artist, Jorgos Karidas, takes walk-ins.


Elandsgracht 65 HS

1016 TP

+31 20 428 48 60 // +31 6 55 15 7788


A juicery in the seventeenth century canal ring that serves all and everything that has been tried and true to keep you healthy.


Herenstraat 23

1015 BZ

+31 6 47964686


Cult film and art house movie theatre at the end of what could be one of Amsterdam’s liveliest streets. They have dinner-and-a-movie tickets available and the best thing about this place: They don’t sell popcorn or other crispy foods!! Peaceful film watching without mice and people ruining your experience by chewing their way through your movie.


Haarlemmerdijk 161

1013 KH

+31 20 638 6016


The cutest everything store in the city. Clothes, home accessories, Plants, Art; you name it! My home wouldn’t be my home without a few visits to this gem, hidden in a little alley way between Dam Square and Central Station. They’re affordable to say the least AND: THEY SERVE COFFEE!


Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 26

1012 NH

+31 6 13704878


This bar is an absolute must if you like a stiff drink. It has been serving Dutch prides Jenever and Korenwijn alongside a huge selection of home distilled liquors and infusions since 1679. The teeny tiny bar is in almost it’s full original state. A true Amsterdam classic.


Pijlsteeg 31

1012 HH

+31 20 639 26 95


Furniture- and home decoration store that has all hand made items from India, Indonesia and other exotic locations. Often a store where I want to own everything and more. It isn’t cheap, but you certainly get what you paid for.


Rozengracht 231

1016 NA

+31 20 4213893

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