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June 7, 2016 by Chloe Haldane

matthias marmsoler

Matthias Marmsoler sports the best of male summer fashion trends! Get the iconic looks here!


Stripes for summer!

The stripe trend took the Spring / Summer fashion weeks by storm worldwide, spotted on the runways for John Varvatos and Michael Kors and a huge favorite for Milan street style men’s wear this is the must buy for summer!

matthias marmsoler

Get the look now – Ali express has a near identical replica for an affordable $13.

matthias marmsoler

Matthias Marmsoler in Maroon  

This summer season sports brands such as Adidas have brought out a multitude of maroon garments and Matthias shared shots from a shoot in this top trending tone!

matthias marmsoler

Steal his style with this River Island regular fit shirt


 Stay on top of the trends! Follow Matthias on instagram now! @matthiiy

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