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September 22, 2016 by Mauro Bex

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The one word capable of making us extraordinary human beings or long term procrastinators.

Yep, that´s the hard truth. Sometimes we can be both, but only one of them will truly define our long term “way of being/operating”.
Ask yourself which one of them you are, and if you´re really honest, you will know it in your gut.

If you are someone who takes massive action toward the goals you set for your life, don´t worry too much because you already have it in your DNA. But worry not, because even if you aren´t so used to act as you think you should, there´s always a way to change it.
What usually prevents you from taking action is:

1) blocking yourself and thus, the ability to act enters in “pause mode” because you put a lot of “shoulds” in your life´s agenda;

2) spend too much time thinking about what has to be done. This only extends the length of your procrastination and builds up a sense of overwhelming that will suffocate you to the point where a task can be there, waiting to be done, for months (you probably experienced this already).

The way we look at our life and to the fact that we are happy or not, is 100% connected with the blueprint we have in the back of our brain. And that can be a huge roadblock for your “doer” side to flourish.

Take this as an example, you´re 30ish and think that at this stage of life you should be more successful in your work, have a house “like this”, “making that” amount of money every month, having kids by now (or not at all), and so on, and so on… Many of these things might be in perfect synch with your blueprint, but if the majority of them are not, you´ll probably feel less motivated, more lazy, less caring towards the ones you love, more distracted and ultimately, unhappy!

So the question is, what can you do to shift your life towards that blueprint of yours?

Massive action.
Make a pause, and say it again: massive action.

Yep, it´s gonna be hard, even painful sometimes, but in the end of the day /and for the rest of your life) the sense of happiness and fulfillment will be priceless.

But let´s make this easy by putting first things first. There´s no need to be scared or freak out if you don´t take massive action on a daily basis. Think more of it in a long term approach, something that you are used to and whenever you need it activates automatically. That will take consistency and effort in an early stage to create a strong base, so it can enter you neurovegetative system, but from there on it will be easier to trigger.

The biggest recommendation I can make is to start with small stuff. In a previous blog about “Imagination”, I describe how you can start the process of action, using your mind and imagination as the first step. After that, continue what your mind created using simple actions towards that short term goal you have, whether is something you would like to change in your body, your diet, your profession, an emotional state, anything really. Chose something simple and doable and that you can commit to, no matter what. And do that for at least 21 straight days, unless it´s something that needs less time.
So let´s wrap this up:

1) be conscious that you need to take (preferably, massive) action in your life

Accept it and things will move towards the direction of your life´s blueprint;

2) start with small things.

Picture 1 short-term goal, visualize it, imagine it happening in a detailed way, and repeat that mental image on a daily basis;

3) take action!

If you keep in the mental plan, you´ll arrive nowhere. Even if it´s very important to visualize your objectives to create a strong mental base and make all your physical body start to behave and respond in the direction you want, but you need to act accordingly;

4) be consistent!

That´s probably one of the hardest challenges in life, but learning to be disciplined can be achieved. Here are some tips you might wanna check.
After you conquered something, keep doing it, and move on to your next goal/objective.

When this process is assimilated, you´re gonna feel the difference. But keep something in mind, never think “it´s done”! Remember that life is a work in progress and the moment you think you mastered something, think better, that´s when you´ll more vulnerable to slide back. Keep doing it, no matter what, and you will be unstoppable!

There is a great planner that might help you along the way, it´s an amazing call to action tool.
Enjoy life 😉



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Mauro Bex In 2003 Mauro graduated as a DeRose Method consultant in Lisbon, Portugal. At Paris, he was part of the organization committee of the DeRose Culture in 2008, 2009 and 2010. He was part of the consultants that gave a practice in the DeRose Culture in New York City, in 2010. He travelled throughout the years to improve his professional skills and assisted to over 50 workshops with DeRose himself in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, New York, Paris and Lisbon. With more than 10 years of expertise in high performance and lifestyle coaching, Mauro started:Manifesto 108, a concept that is described as “A statement of belief; a place to inspire and help you create the best version of yourself”. Currently living in Amsterdam, Mauro loves to cycle through the city, to enjoy the stunning Dutch landscape with his little daughter and to cook for his wife. Learn more or get in


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