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November 2, 2016 by Jacobien van der Kleij

Having difficulties with finding the right spots to eat healthy while travelling? No more worries. While staying and Paris and Milan for more than a month, I am a little obsessed with strolling through the city looking for new spots to eat…. And I always write them down immediately. So here it is! Why not share it with the world. Images give a good impression of a spot, so by adding tons of pictures, you can choose anything you are craving. Most pictures I took myself (oops) but I will also add their Instagram or website so you can see more for yourself…. Good luck!

Looking for healthy and vegetarian food in Milano is hard…. In between all the aperitivo and coffeebars! To start off, the best coffee you can get is at 22 Milano (@22milanocaffe) in zona Moscova, next to the metro Turati. A magical place with very kind staff.

Milancaffe jacobien van der Kleij

22 Milano

Other good coffee places are Panini Durini (@paninidurini), where you could also find matcha lattés. Hard to miss, they are located all over Milan.

Or Princi Bakery (@princi_milano), where they also have one of the best aperitivo in Milan from 6 to 8 pm…. With unlimited access.

More into vegetarian aperitivo? In the north of Milan, near Garibaldi station you find Capra e cavoli (, an amazing little treasure where they serve the most special aperitivo you ever ate. The dishes are like little art pieces with so many flavors, and most of them are vegetarian. If you rather want to eat dinner here instead of aperitivo, I would make a reservation because this restaurant is very popular under locals!

Lunch break near Porta Venezia? Go to Radicetonda ( where you can create your own lunch bowl by picking several vegan dishes. Or go easy and choose their soups! In the same street you find Nun (, “taste of Middle East”. For (to go) wraps (spelt, whole wheat or just plain), salads, chicken kebab, falafel and the best dressings like baba ganoush, hummus and harissa…. And you are totally free to mix up whatever you want. What can I say more. Too good!

East Market Milan healthy spots

East Market

Sunday off? Visit East Market (@eastmarketmilano): an free indoor vintage market little bit outside Milan, where you feel surrounded by locals, hipsters and antiques. The market includes a food market where you can find these Hawaiian “poke bowls”. By taste: like sushi in a bowl… They also sell other good stuff like tacos, pizza, burgers and dumplings but I guess this is the most special choose…

Milan healthy restaurants Jacobien van der Kleij Juicebar


Again, looking for an açai bowl? (I’m addicted). Next to the Duomo, you find Juicebar (@juicebarmilano), a little healthy get-a-way good not only for this amazing (cheap!) açai bowl, but also for salads to go or quick coffee …. If you are in a hurry or just for a relax sit!

An other try for açai bowl if you are more in the area near Central Station, is Acai Frullateria ( On their site they also sell the açai pulp!

*For vegan icecream in Navigli: go to Stecco natura ( or Latteneve! Personally I enjoyed Latteneve more, because they serve scoops (salted hazelnut or pistache with ricemilk!) instead of ice on a stick… But feel free to decide for yourself. Both are near Porta Genova.

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