Having A Great Sushi Nibble At Beluga, Cape Town – By Mendy Smits

January 15, 2014 by Mendy Smits

Fashion model Celine Prins and I are in Cape Town during season, to work our asses off in the boiling sun for nice clients! 🙂 Every day we do our castings and in between we enjoy the sun (sorry guys, if you’re in freezing Europe..) the beaches, the people, the vibe and some good food. That’s why we went out for diner last night and ended up in Beluga. A very nice restaurant, known for their sushi and sashimi. And okay let’s be honest, also because of there half-prices between six and eight in the evening…

So, Celine and I ordered the so-called ‘Yellow Plate’ with salmon sushi’s, tuna sushis and some shrimp sushis with wasabi and fresh ginger. We’ve also ordered two hand rolls, one with crab and one spicy tuna hand roll. DELISH! Absolutely fresh made, so try it out yourself.

Keep in mind that’s this place is very very busy, so make a table reservation for outside or inside so you will be sure to get a table. 


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Mendy Smits Mendy is an international model who worked with a variety of renowned brands, magazines and designers. Her clients include Milner, Etos, Veronica, Coca-Cola, BMW, Runner’s World Magazine, FHM Magazine and UK retailer Fat Face. We are very proud to have Mendy as an ambassador of:Modellist-id.Mendy blogs about subjects related to a fashion model’s life such as healthy recipes, trendy places to go as well as tips on fashion, beauty and other lifestyle subjects. A multifaceted talent, Mendy is currently taking presentation courses to bring her closer to achieving her ultimate dream of being a presenter of her own TV program. This is just the beginning for Mendy and all the exciting things she has to offer, so stay tuned! Check Mendy's website:http://www.mendysmits.com


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