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May 25, 2016 by Lucien Dave Bus

As an international working fashion model my skin gets pale and tired sometimes. Especially when I am abroad taking good care of my skin is hard. Even for a male model taking care of your skin is so important. During photo shoots, even in the Netherlands, with at least 8 hours wearing make up is not that healthy for your skin.

Thanks to a Modellist-ID I got a great offer to have a skin treatment at the Hannah HQ in Voorthuizen (the Netherlands) to get me ready for the coming season again. After working my butt of in Istanbul this was certainly a nice present from Modellist-ID, which of course I couldn’t refuse. It was a really long time ago that my skin was treated; therefore I was a little bit nervous for the outcome.

Before Treatment

Before Treatment

First I had I nice warm welcome by my skin coach Chantal Naafs, who eventually did my treatment. The startup was a skin analysis performed by some very futuristic devices. This skin analysis was needed to decide which kind of treatment I would get.

cell active review hannah To show some results I had a before during and after treatment photo taking. Chantal started with cleansing the skin with the Cleansing Oil. This Cleansing Oil consists of natural oils like almond and soy, which makes the cleansing oil soft and gentle. Also the fact that the cleansing oil produces no foam, makes it a wonderful product for a good cleaning of the skin. After the cleaning part my skin was relaxed and calm. Normally I find cleaning products too aggressive for my skin, but this was totally different! Chantal told me that I should take better care of my skin because it was highly sensitive. The second part of the treatment was activating the blood circulation of the skin with the product called Cell Active. This product stimulates the blood flow beneath the skin immediately and gives the skin an oxygen boost. I could feel my skin becoming warm and burning. Not a real positive sensation, but I men it was working! Of course I was curious about the next step to come; and it came. After this intense treatment with previous products Chantal sprayed me with the Sparkling Spray. This spray contains aloe vera and other necessary nutrients for the skin and it felt like I was standing under an exotic waterfall. My skin became relaxed and the burning sensation caused by the other products went away.

Hannah Tried & Reviewed Lucien Bus

During Treatment

touch of silk hannah reviewTo really ease the burning feeling my skin coach applied a product called Oxys Genes. The second oxygen boost my skin needed, but this was a cooling and relieving one. I never had a skin treatment this intense. The final step of the treatment was the application by Touch of Silk and need I to say more? Damn what I nice feeling, like putting your skin in silk literally… This product is a silicon oil based vitamin booster to repair the skin and gives you all the vitamins the skin needs to be healthy and sparkling. Can’t wait to use this at home. This last one is definite my favorite product of the treatment. This was the last step of the whole treatment and Chantal asked my how my skin felt. It was amazing, just like a baby skin. I know normally men don’t do skin treatment, maybe because it’s not manly enough. But guys you are missing a marvelous experience. Maybe I am a bit feminine, but for sure I am coming back. Before I left the skin studio I was blessed to get a goodie bag from Chantal with all the used products to try at home.

Hannah Review Oxys Genes Touch of Silk Model

After Treatment

As you can see at the before during and after picture my face looks tired at the after picture, so I got a little worried if the skin treatment and products were good for my skin. You always have to critical about such things! When I woke up the next morning I looked like I slept like Cinderella. No deep wrinkles or puffy eyes, nothing?! My skin was amazingly healthy en blushy. That was the reason why I still use these products for my everyday beauty regime and as you can see from my fashion pictures en shoots it pays off 😉

Lucien Bus Hannah Review Malemodel

Thank you Chantal and Hannah for developing these products and treatments. It makes my life and skin happier!

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