Good nutrition on the go-see…..

September 13, 2017 by Modellist-ID

Good nutrition on the go-see…..

There often isn’t long in between castings and auditions. Rushing cross-town from one studio to the next, it can be tempting to skip a meal if you’re tight on time. And it may even seem like a good idea if it’s an underwear or swimwear casting!

But trust me. It isn’t.

You won’t be as alert when talking with the casting agents or clients if your blood sugar is low from not having eaten properly. And you certainly won’t have that ‘special something’ that makes you stand out from all the others going for the same job.

Here are 3 super foods to include as snacks or as part of a balanced meal, for when you’re tight on time and need a nutritious boost:

Start off the day right with a good breakfast. Boiled eggs are perfect, and can be prepared the night before if you have to be up early. The protein in them will help you feel fuller for longer, and won’t cause sudden changes to blood sugar levels. In fact, they can even help control blood sugar according to some studies. Don’t always opt for only the whites, as the yolk has different important vitamins and minerals in it.

Raw seeds and nuts have many nutrients such as ‘good fats’ and protein. Most people don’t know that peanuts are actually legumes, and they don’t fall into the suggested group here. Carrying a bag of nuts around with you can help give you energy in between meals.

And blueberries are great to include in your diet – they are a great source of antioxidants. Studies suggest that oxidative damage may be linked to some diseases, and antioxidants are thought to possibly help with this. Blueberries have a higher antioxidant capacity than other berries, such as strawberries, and are also high in vitamins K (important for proper blood clotting) and C (important for wound healing, amongst many other things).

Eating a balanced diet is a key part of helping to keep your body and mind in their best condition, so you’ll have the best chance of getting booked for the job.

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