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December 21, 2016 by Maaike Janna De blauw

Glamour is all around sequin outfit what to wear Christmas

The time has come, you may pull your glitter dresses, scarves, jewelry and make up out of the closet again! Are you excited or not? And here comes the stress of every year; what do I wear? What will I wear at Christmas and what will I wear for New Years Eve?

I literally have 4 dresses saved from the last few years from Christmas, some of the features include: lace, glitter, beads, both short and long dresses. All I only wore just once. I ask the question, is this a waste? I think so, because firstly they are  gorgeous dresses and secondly because of the money spent on them. Well, I’ve luckily found a way to maximise your party outfit. To begin with, I have a few useful tips, avoid buying black, buy one fancy item and avoid buying dresses.

If you do buy black for example, you will automatically connect the item with Christmas or New Years. However, if you buy a beautiful white satin blouse, or a glitter top in champagne color, you can combine this item easy with nice jeans or pants, but also with shorts or a tube skirt for the summer.

Dresses are even more difficult because the majority of party dresses, (the name itself says it all) are most likely only suitable to wear to party’s around the month of December. Are you a dress type and not a jeans or skirt type? One tip; avoid buying a black dress and do buy a dress from a nice fabric or colour that you can accessorise with glittery earrings and heels. Or YOU could combine it with boots for a more casual look suitable to wear for work.

Glamour is all aroundIf you absolutely love the Billy Jean look of MJ and therefore find it necessary to buy an expensive (but beautiful) black sequin leggings, but then think; Yes and now what? I’m going to help you. What is useful about this glamorous piece of clothing is that it is a “trouser” and therefore it is easy to wear to a party or festival with a cool vintage shirt. Also at Christmas, you can grab it off the shelve, and put it under your nice Christmas sweater. Perhaps you would  like a diva look to go with your leggings? Put on your beautiful lacquer heels and a glamorous blouse with long gold earrings and baby, you are ready to go!

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