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February 18, 2014 by Mendy Smits

During summer in Cape Town you can visit tons of different music festivals in and around the city. Most of them are quit commercial, which is not my preference. So, my friend and colleague Celine Prins and I got the chance to visit the Unity Jam Festival in an amazing township called Langa. This was the closing event of the Breath Summer Music Conference, which took place that same day. This music conference and festival, brought by Bridges for Music, aims at bringing together people from different backgrounds and breaking down socio-economic gaps. On top of that, this event is run as a social enterprise, meaning that all benefits will be reinvested in the community. 

The festival started around 3pm and local band Trenton and the free radicals started playing their tunes, while people where dancing, chatting and hiding in the shade since it was litterly 38 degrees. The line-up was completed by many more great local and international artists likeDriemanskapJimmy Dludlu and the famous German music artist Gentleman

We’ve spoken to Valentino during the event, one of the founders of Bridges For Music. Valentino lives in Ibiza and works n the music industry for many years already. In Ibiza he was responsible for the line-ups in well-known clubs as Pasha and Amnesia, so this guy knows what he’s doing ;)
Four years ago he came to Cape Town and immediately fell in love with South Africa. And when he visited Township Langa for the first time and saw the pure love for music, he came up with the idea to set up Bridges For Music. This non-profit organization gathers key players of the music industry to support it’s responsible development in developing countries, leaving a positive impact in disadvantaged communities and helping to raise global awareness about local issues trough music.

For example; Valentino recently organized a workshop where Boys Noize aka Alexander Ridha and Goldfish did an personal interview in an intimate setting, where people of the music industry where invited to. After an epic performance they talked about their early years, their current projects as well as offering advice and guidance. 

So, after this amazing chat with the inspiring Valentino we started dancing on the amazing beats of different artists, till the sunset in Langa.. It was an unforgettable day in Langa…!!

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