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June 17, 2016 by Karishma Sehgal

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The food and festivities of the holiday season are not something anyone wants to miss. We take our diet and exercise lightly, and treat ourselves to hearty meals and yummy desserts. Before we know it, summer creeps up on us, and we have to sport bikinis.

It is hard to feel confident in a swimsuit or bikini when you don’t feel like you are looking your best. But that doesn’t mean you should go on an extreme diet or start an intense workout regime that you cannot keep up with. All you need is some will power and an effective plan to get your body looking summer ready.

A study conducted in 2015 found that the average adult tends to gain more weight in winter as compared to summer. This extra weight, if not reversed, keeps adding up each year and can make a person overweight. With a few modifications to your daily routine and diet, you can achieve your summer goals.



Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. If you lead a busy life and cannot set aside enough time to work out, you can incorporate quick 10-minute workouts structured around your everyday routine. Here are a few exercise tips that you should follow:



Stretching is a crucial part of any workout. Every workout should start with a warm-up and end with a cool-down, followed by stretching. Not stretching reduces the elasticity of your muscles and can cause injuries.



Cardio is the best way to burn the extra weight that you gained over winter. Be it on the treadmill, around the block, with a skipping rope, or in a pool, add 30 minutes of cardio to your exercise routine. Cardio exercises are also a good way to reduce water weight.


Tone Up

Squats and lunges are your best friends if you want to tone your legs, butt, and hips. Working out your abs will not only tone them but also help make your back stronger and improve your posture. Bicep curls and chair dips are essential if you want shapely arms.



Having a perfect body is not sufficient. You must be well-groomed to look your summer best. Summer is a season in which you must take various measures to keep your skin healthy and presentable.



Sunscreen is the most important product you must use in summer. The harmful effects of the harsh ultraviolet rays are not stressed upon enough. Prolonged exposure can cause sunburns, skin disorders, and even cancer. The benefits of using sunscreen are numerous and include providing a shield from the above-listed problems. Make sure to carry along a sunscreen that has a high SPF.


Body Hair

Waxing is one of the best ways to get rid of body hair. The reason for this is that when you get waxed, the hair is removed from the roots. Shaving and hair removal creams, on the other hand, just cut off the hair at the surface, which is less permanent and can be uncomfortable when it comes to areas that are more sensitive.



Keeping your skin healthy in summer can be tricky. The heat and sweating cause breakouts for people with oily skin, and people with dry skin have a hard time keeping it hydrated. Using the right face wash, body wash, moisturizer, and drinking plenty of water is essential.



Your diet is the most important part of your fitness regime. Even if you have everything else right, a bad diet catches up with you and makes it harder to lose and keep off weight. Being healthy involves making smart lifestyle changes to your choice of foods.


What To Avoid

Sugar is the worst possible thing that one could consume. It consists of two compounds glucose and fructose. Glucose is useful to the body and is converted into energy, but fructose, on the other hand, is directly converted into fat by the liver. Sometimes, there is residual converted fat that is left in the liver, and when this builds up, it can cause non-alcoholic liver disease.

One weekend of too many cocktails can wash away all your hard work. It contains calories, and drinking is usually followed by the consumption of unhealthy processed foods. It is advisable to count your drinks and not go over a set limit.


What To Eat

Foods that are rich in fiber and protein are a good choice as you can eat large amounts while consuming fewer calories. Having salads, green leafy vegetables, and vegetable soups before a meal has shown to reduce the calorie intake by 12%. Incorporate peppers in meals as the compound capsaicin that is found in them has proved to arrest weight gain.


Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals in advance will help you stick to your healthy diet. Plates that are darker in color, such as blue, can prevent you from overeating unlike colors such as red and white. Smaller plates also have the same effect as opposed to big ones.


Do you have any other tips that you would like to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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