Get Introduced: 22nd Of Feb, Festival The Tropical Roast, Cape Town.

February 13, 2014 by Eveline Besters

Cape Town. I’ve travelled a lot. Like, A LOT. But to me, Cape Town is the best city in the world. The combination of city and nature is what it does best. You could meet up for lunch, as the food is absolutely delicious. Or you could go for a hike along one of the plenty beautiful mountains that surrounding the city. Or maybe you’d rather get in the ocean for a surf.. Your vitamin-D in overload, energy will be pumping through your body 24-hours a day. That’s a good thing, as you will definitely need this! During the weekends you have the most inspiring festivals. From Trance to Balkan to Deep House to Electronic to Food to Sports to whatever. There’s one festival happening very soon, which I would love to introduce to you. As in my opinion this one is a must-go..

It’s called THE TROPICAL ROAST. They have two festivals coming up. The first one on Saturday the 22nd of February and the second one on Saturday the 29th of March. Two main things are happening: Good music and delicious food – sounds like a stunning combination right? The first one is electronic-vibes (Eric Volta, Berlin!), the second one bands-vibes. To quote the organisers, ‘The Tropical Roast provides a visually and socially immersive environment in which to showcase best-in-class live and electronic music, with a nod to the local social custom of the ‘braai.’ It’s going to be a Tropical World where people come to meet, relax, eat, drink, and dance in celebration of music, art and the great outdoors.

The venue is Hillcrest Quarry (see pictures). It’s in Durbanville, just 20 minutes drive out of Cape Town. A beautiful venue that shall truly give you the ‘spending-a-day-out-of-town-feeling.’ For a cheap price you can easily get a cab or shuttle to bring you there. Shuttle info you’ll find on the Tropical Roast Event Page. During the daytime, while people are braaing, sunbathing and swimming, the music will be more ambient. As the sun goes down and the lights go up, the tempo will rise and the venue will pulse with the dance-floor as the beating heart.

Theme is: ‘Endless summer hedonism, with extra cheese’. Do whatever you feel like doing regarding this theme. For the organisers it means this: “By providing a theme that doesn’t take itself seriously we hope our patrons will follow suit, leaving any bad-attitudes and pretentions at home.” Next to the stage you’ll find two bars, a photo-booth, various games and competitions and a chill-island. You’ll also find a few braai-areas, available to rent which come fully catered for. All you need to do is assign a braai master and let the Tropical Roast know what you want and it will be there waiting for you. Alrighty then.. I think I’ve told you enough for now. Go check it out!!!

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P.S. Just one more little, very little, detail: This weekend, (15th of February) Moddelist-id will be handing out ONE HUNDRED & FIFTY FREE tickets to The Tropical Roast at their Cape Town Get-Together event at Shimmy Beach Club at the V&A Waterfront! 

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