Fresh Spelt Salad with Cucumber Mint and Cashew Nuts

May 3, 2017 by Dali

Fresh Spelt Salad with cucumber, mint and cashew nuts

It’s May already so I thought is was time to share a delicious fresh salad with you guys. Hopefully the weather will be better than that it is right now because while I’m typing this, it’s pouring! This salad is a real must-try for a sunny day.

I wanted to try something new so I got a bag of spelt. This grain has been mega popular for a few years because of its health benefits. Thus is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and proteins. The taste is delicious, a bit nutty and very pure.

Combining spells with cucumber, fresh mint and feta gives the salad a very fresh touch. Also the dressing with lime, mustard and olive oil is delicious. The mustard just gives that bit of pit what you need. A nice salad so for lunch or for the barbecue.

Preparation time 20 minutes

(For 4 persons)
400 grams of black beans (out of tin, leakage weight)
200 grams spells
2 cucumbers
80 grams of white salad cheese or feta
80 grams cashew nuts
Hand of fresh mint

4 tablespoons of olive oil
1 lime juice
2 teaspoons mustard
Pair of sea salt

Cook the spelled as described on the package. Roast the cashew nuts for a couple of minutes in a pan (without oil) so they color a little and separate. Pour the black beans into a jar and rinse off with some water. Cut the cucumber into small cubes and chop the fresh mint. Make the spelled, black beans, fresh mint, cucumber and cashew nuts in a salad bowl. Stir the salad cheese over it. Finally, mix the ingredients for the dressing in a dish and yarn over the salad.

Dali Dalí I 22 years I Food & Lifestyle coach I Addicted to peanut butter, avocados and big bowls of oatmeal in the morning I Loves to workout, travel & create healthy recipes for her blog Zonderzooi I


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