Food For Good Mood! – By Kyrin Hall

March 12, 2012 by kyrin


Foods rich in the amino acid tryptophan can help raise your body’s level of the feel good hormone serotonin. Tryptophan is a building block of protein and it helps to boost your mood.

Tryptophan can be found in: turkey meat, yoghurt, seaweed, bananas, figs, tuna and chicken.

So if there’s anything wrong with your mood, add these foods to your weekly menu!

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kyrin Kyrin Hall PhD is the founder of Health companies: + She presents health programmes for Sky TV. Kyrin is a Nutritionist, Yogi and Endurance athlete. Kyrin believes you can transform the way you feel (with the right food + movement choices). In 2014, she became the ambassador for Filippa-K new soft sport-wear line.


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