Florenta’s Model Hotspot In Bucharest – Embassy

April 6, 2015 by Florenta Popa

Located in the center of the city, cozy couches, friendly atmosphere, tasty food and drinks and a chill terrace in summer season. First time I have been there I had a cup of tea on the terrace and it was not so crowded. Second time I had a creamy broccoli soup. Since then I kept going to chill out my appetite with a creamy soup. Last time was crowded, most of the times is and you need to make reservation. I never did, every time I was lucky to find a table for my friends and me :))

Inside, the place has a ground floor and 1st floor too. I prefer the ground floor. For a non-smoker it’s best.

I like both parts. The outside (the terrace) and the inside too. Both look very good. I love the library walls inside and the cozy couches.

The prices are not high, the staff is friendly. The place is perfect for any time of the day, rather you feel hungry or just thirsty.

Website: http://www.embassy-club.ro


The address is 8 Alexandru Lahovari Street, Bucharest.

Reservations at +40 733 500 300. From 11 AM to 3 AM.

Florenta Popa Florenta Popa is an international model born and discovered in Romania, more than 10 years ago. Besides modelling, she loves all that means a healhty lifestyle.


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