First Aid For Models Abroad!

May 22, 2015 by Robin van Gils

It is a great opportunity, but it takes a lot of self-management to travel by yourself. When I started working abroad, I was completely overwhelmed. To help myself, I made a lot of how-to-lists. To help others I will share the best of those with you now.

In general:

– Buy a map of the area you visit, it will prevent you from getting lost when your phone is about to die.

– Always take a cellphone with you, and make sure it is charged. Not just for your agency! You never now what might happen and payphones are becoming rare these days.

– If you have a casting, it’s much easier to go along with a group of models. Ask other models if they have the same casting so you can go together.

– Sunscreen, its important to protect yourself from sunburns. (Sun damage is the most important cause of early skin aging!) Even if you’re not prone to sunburns, at least use a skin product that containts a little SPF.

– Take some snacks with you when you go to a job or casting. Sometimes people just forget models need nutrition. This only happened a few times to me, usually the team will get you a meal if it’s a long job. But you can’t shine on an empty stomach.. So take care of yourself!

– Don’t walk around all day on your high heels. Just take them with you in your bag and wear comfortable shoes. You’ll need them! I highly recommend a pair of trainers.. Even though they’re not as glamorous as Louboutins.

– Blisters, you will get them.. Whether it’s from running around the city, or wearing painful shoes at a job. Blister plasters will help you out, buy them beforehand so you don’t hurt your feet too much. 

– Portfolio/book. One time I forgot to put it in my luggage.. It’s disaster to do castings without your book.

Fashionweek madness:

– Inhale, exhale.. It’s not easy to relax when everyone around you is so stressed out because it’s fashionweek. Have a cup of tea, take a walk or practice some yoga. It helps a lot!

– Don’t wear tight clothes, socks or bra straps before at least 2 hours before your job. It makes designers and photographers go crazy.. Oops!

– Make sure you have skin-coloured underwear for every day of the week. And even more if you can afford it.

– A model always takes care of her skin, but during fashionweeks (or long jobs) your skin needs some extra care. Ask a beautician for advice and invest in high-quality skincare products. The make-up artists often want your skin to be product and make-up free.. Just put on some daycream before you go on job, they won’t find out 🙂

– Also: remove your make-up thoroughly. My personal routine is to use micellar water. When my skin gets too dry, I use hy-öl instead. I use aloë-vera gel as a beauty mask. This works for me, but every skin has its own needs.

– Always take some make-up remover with you. Sometimes the make-up artist leaves before you’ve finished your job.

– Dry-shampoo/powder shampoo. Your hair will endure the most crazy things at jobs. I personally love it when the hair-stylist turns my entangled hair into a masterpiece. I used to wash my hair after every job. Most models do because it’s nice to have clean hair. But if you do a lot of jobs in a short time, your hair will damage easily. Washing it every single day only makes the damage worse. Use some dry-shampoo instead if your hair isn’t too greasy. It will save you some time too, and you can use it everywhere.


– Body lotion and hand cream. I didn’t use them before I started modeling. Long flights make your skin very dry. Drinking water will hydrate from inside, but you can support your skin by using these products.

– Nail file. Pretty obvious, using a file instead of a clipper will protect your nails from breaking.

– Disinfectant. If neccesery, you can protect yourself against infections.

– Painkillers, anti-fever agents en other medication. (and supplements) Most countries use different names for this products. It may take a lot of time and effort to explain the local pharmacy that you just need paracetamol.. (or doliprane, gelocatil, or any other name used for paracetamol)

– Vitamin C. Traveling can impair your immune system. To protect yourself from getting ill, you can use vitamine C supplements. 

– Some cash. As I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this blog, you never know what might happen. In case you get really, really lost, you can use this money to take a cab.

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