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September 28, 2016 by Merel Geelen

Stox Review Merle Geelen Japan sokken traveling fashion model

After a long working summer I felt exhausted but happy: my holiday to Japan was finally here. However a holiday can be more then just relaxing. Travelling, sightseeing and hiking, I was definitely going for something other than a beach holiday. Luckily I got to try some socks from STOX to be more than energised for my holiday.

STOX is a brand that focuses on the vitality and energy of the human body and found a new approach to do so, use clothing to support you. Using their revolutionary technology and beautiful aesthetics designs, they created socks for daily use to give you more energy and prevent you from having sore feet and legs after a long day of work or a work out. With different socks for different activities such as travelling, working or running, they offer you an all-round support throughout your week. Something that sounded like just the thing I need to enjoy my vacation to the fullest.

First thing to do was a long and exhausting flight, Amsterdam – Tokyo is easily a 15 hour flight including lay-over’s, and with the change in time-zone it can be pretty hectic. Sitting upright and sleeping in an unnatural position (if you get any sleep at all) can be really frustrating and can make me quite grumpy at times. With my best hopes I put on the travel socks from STOX and I was ready to be amazed if this really helped during a flight. And I have to be honest, they were amazing!! Instead of getting swollen feet and sore legs from the altitude, I could exactly enjoy all the inflight entertainment and even some nice rest. The Merino Wool in the socks gave me a real first class feeling and kept my feet so nice and warm throughout the whole flight.

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After a long, but now pleasant, flight I was ready for some real sightseeing and city tripping around Tokyo and switched the travel socks for STOX’s work socks. These socks are actually meant for an active working day and give you support if you move around much or stand for longer periods of time. This is something that is also actually the case with going around a foreign city and visiting different landmarks and attractions. Walking around and doing some serious sightseeing can be quite tiring, but throughout my days in Tokyo I could really feel the difference between the days when I wore regular socks or the STOX socks. The days I wore the STOX socks I would have less pains in my shins or calves during the day and I could walk longer distances and just do so much more. Of course as a real girl it is also pretty important to me that the socks look good and I could switch between rocking the light blue socks with a cute skirt or just wear them under my legging or denim and keep them invisible. Really great to go around town like this with some support and don’t feel like you ran a marathon at the end of the day.
Merel Geelen STOX review fashion model Japan

STOX review Merel Geelen fashion model travel sokken

After some time in Tokyo, I travelled to the Japanese Alps for one of my biggest hobbies: hiking. I visited the Kiso valley and hiked the Kamikochi trail were I saw some of the most beautiful mountains ever! Although I love hiking, a day of walking up hill can be really exhausting for me and I can only say one thing: thank god for the STOX running socks! The way I could go around the mountains using this socks was simply amazing. The socks offer you really good blood circulation and are quite tight and press upon your ankles in a way that these don’t get sore after long distances. The intensity of the grip on your legs loosens up by the knee, which gives you comfortable feet. The socks were such a help, I could go on all day and could put in 25 to 30 kilometers a day just hiking without any muscular pain. And also important, looked like a true fashionista.

I can honestly say that the use of these 3 different types of socks helped me make the most out of my vacation in Japan. They simply made it possible to get more out of my day.

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