How To Feel Good About Yourself No Matter The Occasion

July 31, 2017 by Modellist-ID

Romee Strijd

No one can make you feel bad about yourself unless you let them. That’s why it’s important to work on yourself first and be comfortable in your own skin. This way you’ll be ready to take on the world each day without any hesitation.

It’s nice to feel good about yourself most of the time and not just once in a while. To do this, you’ve got to be prepared to make yourself a priority and love who you are every day. There are certain actions and steps to take that’ll help you jump start your self-confidence and keep it going strong. See how to feel good about yourself no matter the occasion.

Get to Know Yourself
Stop pretending to be someone you’re not. Aim to bring out the best in you and love yourself for who you are today. Get to know you and what makes you special. Focus on your qualities and abilities, instead of everyone else’s. Make lists describing your goals, dreams and what you’re good at. Explore new activities and talk to different people outside of your circle. Branch out and learn about who you are and what you like to do for fun. Be mindful not to let others dictate what it is you do and how you act. Learn to speak up and have a voice.

Dress the Part
Always look your best. Get clothes that fit you right and make you feel happy and confident. If the trends don’t do it for you, find outfits that complement your shape and wear them because you like how they fit. Implement the same attitude when you’re looking for a special occasion or homecoming dresses. Shop the select styles and colors that bring out your best features. Preparing for a big dance is an important time in your life, and the only way to feel good about yourself is to find the perfect dress for the event. When you look amazing in your clothes, you’ll feel amazing, and it’s a sure way to have the best night of your life.

It sounds so simple, but it really works. Smiling is a great way to reflect a friendly vibe and instantly feel better about yourself. Remember to smile when you’re meeting new people and introducing yourself. Even if you’re out in public or at a social event and aren’t really having fun, put a smile on your face and it’s likely you’ll be able to quickly turn around your attitude and have a nice time. Your smile communicates to others that you’re approachable and, more likely than not, a pleasant person. Use it to start conversations and keep yourself upbeat when you’re in a situation where you’re feeling shy.

Apply Makeup for your Taste
You don’t always have to listen to what’s trending. If you like your makeup applied a particular way, then continue to do so. Put on makeup to feel pretty and self-confident in social situations. Change the way you apply it for different situations. Keep it lighter if you’re going to the beach and more dramatic if you’re heading to a dance or wedding. Whatever you do, keep it comfortable for you. Have fun with it and test out different colors and techniques for applying the makeup. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re beautiful before you leave the house. It doesn’t matter how much or little makeup you’re wearing. What matters is that you like how it looks and are ready to walk out the door feeling confident.

Find an Attractive Hairstyle
Work with your hairdresser to find a style that’s attractive on you. Play with different cuts and colors until you nail down a look that helps you shine. Pick a hairstyle that’s fairly simple to upkeep and do each day, or you may find yourself stressed out if you can’t replicate how the stylist had it looking at the salon. Remember to make sure you leave your hair long enough if you’re someone who likes to put it up for fancier occasions. A beautiful hairstyle will have you feeling very good about yourself, and you’ll probably receive lots of compliments from others. Enjoy how it makes you feel at the time and know you can always change it based on the season or what’s in style.

You’ll feel so much better about yourself if you put in the time to exercise. Whether it’s the gym, a walk or run, move your body and break a sweat daily. You’ll have more energy and like the way you look better. It’ll give you the boost of confidence you need to mingle in social situations and strike up conversations. If nothing else, do it for you and your health. Give yourself a better chance at living a long and vigorous life. Find a workout buddy and challenge each other to go faster and harder during your fitness sessions. Working out or playing sports is a great way to meet new people and try different hobbies.

Meditate or do Yoga
It’s important also to get your mind right. Learn how to control racing thoughts and manage your thoughts and feelings. Participate in meditation sessions or take yoga classes to unwind and re-center yourself. While both activities can be difficult at first, you quickly learn how to get comfortable with feeling relaxed and calm. You’re able to take what you learn in class and carry it over to your busy life by practicing techniques for managing your stress. Start slow, and over time you’ll come to realize how beneficial the activities are to living a healthy lifestyle.

List your Accomplishments
Remind yourself how great you are by listing your accomplishments and reviewing them often. It’s easy to forget all you’ve done and how awesome you are when years pass by and life gets hectic. Become comfortable with patting yourself on the back and accepting that you’re talented and special.

Learn to be comfortable living in your own skin. There are actions to take that’ll help you achieve this goal. These are ways for how to feel good about yourself no matter the occasion.

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