Fashion Tips For The Best Destination Wedding

May 29, 2019 by Modellist-ID editor

Plan For Where You’ll Be

The destination can be one of the most important parts of any wedding. A marriage is an important thing. It’s something to celebrate. It’s a transition point in the lives of many. Not only the groom and bride find themselves in a new state of being. Two families have their futures entwined. It makes sense to hold the event somewhere above-average.

Destination weddings can be expensive, and not everyone has the ability to have one. If you do, you’re in a wonderful place indeed—but there are means by which you can secure necessary funding. A typical wedding is going to cost about $25k, in America. You can actually cut those costs with a destination wedding by finding a location where your dollar buys more.

When you can buy more, you can be more contemporary in terms of fashion without undermining your budget. High fashion isn’t always cheap. If you can defer expenses through a destination to an idyllic spot in, say, the Philippines, you’re going to have more room to fill out your stylistic visions.

Then, all you’re dealing with are the costs of travel, rather than the cost of the event, or wardrobe. Still, economic tourism of this variety may limit the potential destination weddings you can have, as well as the guests. Not everyone can afford an expensive plane ticket. Even so, there are options to help you defer these costs owing to the new “crowd share” economy.

Getting A Bigger Budget For Style And Travel

In order to help maximize your budget, consider Honeyfund for your online wedding registry. Sometimes people give money rather than gifts; they know where you’re at, and what’s ahead of you—it may be their pleasure to bless you with a few thousand dollars. Especially if you’re traveling to some remote destination, you’re going to need that money.

Crowdsourcing can provide you funding for a destination wedding, or a honeymoon in a far off destination. For either scenario, you’ll want to prepare your wardrobe in advance. You’ll need the wedding dress for the day of, and if you’re on a beach, a long train may not be wise. For the right place, you and your bridesmaids need the right dress, and you can find a full listing here.

Also, you’re going to want to conform the style of your bridesmaids to the bride. Different themes are in fashion these days. A sort of modernist embracing of technology and related pop culture is not uncommon at many events. Sometimes even the groom will get involved. At a destination wedding, you may be able to do more—or less; depending on the destination.

New Traditions And Considering Things Critically

Today’s young couples commonly pursue a new take on old wedding traditions. Sometimes they need a bit of an update; sometimes you’ve got a creative idea, and it goes against normal practices. Whatever the reason, with a destination wedding, your venue may not even be indoors; so why not try something new?

Hopefully things will go as you expect, but the future is always in question. With any destination wedding, you need to factor in the possibility of things going awry. They tend to do that even during local weddings. Style which allows movement is key. Think critically and plan in advance to avoid this as much as it’s possible to.

High fashion is fine, and may be perfect for the occasion; but the more complicated things are, the greater the likelihood something will go as it shouldn’t. There’s a balance to be achieved. Find the right place, perhaps consider crowdsourcing, and be willing to try new things. A destination wedding is a great way to initiate matrimony; above all else, enjoy the occasion.


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