Fashion Model Fairytale: Stylight Awards – By Michelle Verpuggi

January 14, 2015 by Michelle Verpuggi

Sometimes girls like me live in a dream, a fashion dream. Today this dreamer gets prepared for the STYLIGHT Fashion Influencer Awards, that takes place in her favorite city Berlin! She was thinking and thinking; what should I wear when I finally meet all my icons like: most stylish blogger Bryan Boy, editor of Louise Roe, beautiful supermodel Bar Refaeli & all the other famous fashion people who will join the MUST go awards of 2015? When she was dreaming about this night, she saw the light & thought; Berlin, vintage city, vintage looks and vintage photographs. Curious for BryanBoy’s opinion on this city full of history and his take on vintage clothing… She thought why we can only wear one look? A girl can be a Berlin Princess with a beautiful dress, but just like Coco Chanel showed us we don’t need to wear a dress to be a classy lady, we also can be it in a suit. Or combine girlish with a boyish touch? Oh well you guys may choose what I should wear, but I know we can be whoever we want just because of clothes & all our dreams can come true if you believe in it!

My 3 favorite vintage shops in Berlin:

-Class of Berlin: (Große Hamburger Straße 19A, Berlin Hackescher Markt)

-Das Neue Schwarz (€€€€) (Mulackstrasse 38, U2 Rosa-Luxemburg Platz)

-Paul’s Boutique/Goo (€€-€€€/€€)(Oderbergerstrasse 47/45, U2 Eberswalder Straße)

Let’s say: Tear down all walls and boundaries of fashion! Reunite and be at ease  and Party Like It’s 1989!


                                                            Photographer: Sophie van Veen

                                                            Model/ Styling: Michelle Verpuggi

                                                            Mua: Fernanda Smits

                                                            Awards: Fashion Influencer Stylight

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Michelle Verpuggi Stylist, blogger, editor, model & owner of Supongo Estilo based in the Netherlands. Fashion is for Michelle the only way to show people who she truly is and to show them that you should always be yourself, regardless what people think or say. She is gonna write weekly about her fashion life, stories and her way up to the top, to make her fashion fairytale come true. "Remember: dress everyday like you get murdered in those clothes" You can read more about Michelle Verpuggi on her website:


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