Eternal City, Rome – By Fashion Model Member Giada Combusti

May 28, 2014 by Giada Combusti

I’m addicted to emotions that shake me, that make me feel alive. Travelling makes me feel new emotions everytime. Isn’t it beautiful to travel?
I’m personally lucky because I was born and raised in a wonderful place, which is Tuscany in Italy. I feel blessed because I’ve seen many interesting things and places without doing anything too complicated, just by taking a bus, car, train or even just walking.
In only a couple of hours by train from My Little Village, I can reach one of the most famous and beautiful cities in the world, Rome. I’ve been there twice, and  I’m always surprised how the same city, street and building can give you different feeling and emotion in different period in your life.
Rome is the next city that I’m going to talk about. Lucky Me!
The last time that I went there was the best weather warm with shiny sun. I’ve been walking around the city without stopping, except for lunch 😛
I had so much fun, I took many pictures and I visited all the famous locations. Nice feeling in this eternal and unrepeatable city.You can feel and see the history from this powerful empire.
It is nice to imagine that in the same place where I was walking there was another world a long time ago. Awesome!
Obviously, I suggest this place to all of the people who will go to Italy, Rome is Rome.
– Colosseum
– Nearby Collosseum
– Fori Imperiali
– Trevi fountain
 Altare della Patria
– Nearby Colosseum 
– Altare della Patria 

– Bridges of Rome 
-Me nearby the Saint Peter with my Prophetic T-shirt 

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