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September 14, 2013 by Irene Lambers

I have a thing for gadgets. Not only the crazy cleaning robots or superpower keychains found in Japan, but also all the inventive cosmetics all over the world. Leave me behind in a random store where they sell beauty products and I won’t even notice you’re gone.

That being said, it’s more than obvious to assume that the first time I went to the USA, I had to check it all out. CVS, Duane Reade, Target, Sephora and so on.

I don’t go to spa’s that often. I like to make my own spa at home, but one day I got a tip from a friend to go to a little spot in Ventura, CA*. My skin had trouble adjusting to the changing of climates I’ve been through in one month, so I decided to try it out. 

In this salon the woman only used the brand Epicuren. After all my research on ingredients in products and what my skin can deal with, this brand seemed to have all the goods. It’s natural, no weird ingredients with names I can’t pronounce.

It’s still a pretty small company, but growing every day. And in my opinion for a good reason, I used it for years and it has done wonders for me.

Sadly the only way to get your hands on it in Europe is through websites like Amazon.

But for all you USA-people out there, you should try it out!

And for the people in Europe; I’m working on finding the best substitute. Stay tuned!

“The Epicuren line is based on Metadermabolic Enzyme protein complexes that enrich cell metabolism, oxygenation and nutrition. 



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